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How Cloud-Based Software Works

The term cloud-based is often used interchangeably with the term SaaS (Software as a Service) or “hosted” and is used to describe an implementation method for software applications.

Blue Link’s cloud-based software for distributors is a subscription-based service with payments occurring monthly and no up-front licensing fees. This greatly reduces the upfront costs of implementing a new software solution. Monthly fees also cover the cost of annual upgrades and warranty. SaaS or cloud implementations allow your employees to access the full Blue Link ERP software package remotely via the internet through an RDP connection. It does not require you to set up your own servers and eliminates the need to purchase additional hardware.


Hosted Cloud ERP Solution

Worried About the Safety of Your Data?

We have over 100 customers in our hosted environment, which started in 2010, and almost 100% of new sales the last few years have been hosted. Amongst these customers are small, medium and larger companies across Canada and the USA, including regulated industries like US pharmaceutical distributors and Canadian medical cannabis companies – reporting to the FDA and Health Canada respectively.

Customer Testimonial: SaaS Cloud Implementation

SaaS vs. On-Premises Whitepaper

Our Secure Data Centre

Blue Link’s hardware and server equipment resides at a facility designed to Tier III data centre standards, located in Mississauga, ON. The data centre features redundant internet connections, redundant data storage, climate control, biometric security, fire prevention and provides 99.9% up-time to keep your data safe and business running.

For more information visit our Data Centre Page.

Benefits of Hosted/SaaS Solution

Blue Link’s cloud-based software for distributors gives you peace-of-mind that your data is safe and secure, and allows you to focus on what’s most important for your business. Benefits of a SaaS cloud implementation include: 

  • No large upfront cash outlay
  • Infrastructure and hardware costs pushed to software vendor (Blue Link)
  • No more worrying about backups
  • Painless, annual upgrades
  • Increased access to expert support (in lieu of an IT department)
  • Remote access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Improved security and reliability (malware protection, database back-ups and secure methods of connection)
  • Increased up-time and redundancy
  • Immediate or quick access to a broad range of applications
  • Monthly fees include warranty costs

ECS Coffee

“I wanted to let you know that we are very happy (now that all is up and running) with ‘phase one’ of the upgrade.  The new Windows program has clearly made a difference in speed within the BL environment just as you said it would. I would like to thank you very much for all your help!  You patiently explain everything to us and do a great job helping us to fix issues (like the ones we had today) when we need it!  It is clear that you are an expert at what you do and an asset to clients like us.  Thanks again for all of your help!”

– Michelle Crossan, VP Operations

Cloud-Based Software Resources

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We Offer Both

Blue Link offers both Hosted (Cloud-based) and On-Premises deployment methods for our inventory management and accounting ERP software. There are many differences between our on-premises and hosted/cloud software including up-front costs, hardware requirements, and pricing structures. We understand that each business has unique needs and will help your business make the right decision about which implementation method is best for your company.