Why Blue Link Software?

Learn why more and more businesses are choosing Blue Link as their ERP software provider and trusted technology partner.

All-in-One Solution

Blue Link ERP is an integrated all-in-one inventory management and accounting system that accommodates a variety of industries and unique business needs. Blue Link ERP is an extremely robust piece of software with a variety of features and components to accomplish a wide range of business-specific tasks and automate business processes. Our software is purpose-built for wholesale and distribution. Blue Link eliminates the need to manage multiple, standalone solutions, therefore, eliminating double-entry and helping your business become as efficient as possible.

Blue Link ERP is an owner-managed SMB and so we understand the business mindset of other SMBs. It is this understanding that gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to best serve other SMBs in the wholesale and distribution industry. At Blue Link, we understand the needs of smaller companies and provide personalized services that larger companies often lack. With the help of our in-house team of experts, we have developed specific industry focused functionality, typically only found within larger organizations, at an affordable price tag.

A Completely Dedicated Team

Blue Link has a tight-knit team of in-house experts, so dealing with us feels much more personal than some of the larger vendors out there. We have a dedicated team of in-house support personnel, developers, consultants and customer service which means we get to know you and your business on a first name basis. No more waiting on hold for long periods of time and speaking with representatives overseas. Blue Link is always a phone call away.

Blue Link Leadership

Perfect Fit Customization

Since no two businesses are exactly alike, Blue Link ERP has been designed to be highly customizable. Each customer of ours has unique business processes that they would like reflected in their software. Although our software has significant out-of-the-box functionality, our programmers are able to accommodate modifications to the software so it fits just right. Every customization that is done in Blue Link is also completely upgradeable – which means you never have to worry about losing specific functionality when you upgrade to the latest release.

Daneson Toothpicks

“If you’re looking for an ERP what you’re really looking for is a company to partner with and with Blue Link, you’re in luck. Blue Link is designed such that we have yet to find a something they cannot do. Add to this their excellent people and you have a winning recipe.”

– Peter Smith, CEO, Daneson Ltd

Complete Implementation Services

A Blue Link implementation does not leave you scrambling to get things done. Our implementation includes in-depth classroom-style onsite training and detailed data-migration from your current system. Our team of training professionals are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of Blue Link. We don’t leave the data transfer to you — we help clean up, structure and import your operating history and data. No matter your existing system, we work to make sure you’re up-and-running on Blue Link with the most up-to-date data.

Cloud-based (Hosted) or On-Premises Deployment

Blue Link offers both Hosted (Cloud) and On-Premises deployment methods for our inventory management and accounting software. Each option has its benefits and we are happy to work with your business to determine which option makes the most sense. Blue Link’s hosted offering is a SaaS-based solution in which users access the software through an RDP connection and the data is stored at a data center designed to Tier III standards. Blue Link clients can also switch methods whenever they choose. The choice is yours!

Continuously Innovating

Our software always takes advantage of the latest and greatest in technology such as mobile applications, barcode scanners and eCommerce. We improve our product continually, introducing new features on an on-going basis with regular, annual upgrades. Blue Link is under active development 100% of the time with exciting new features always in the pipeline.

Happy & Successful Customers

We are extremely proud of our happy customer base. We have developed customer relationships at a level that corporate goliaths simply cannot achieve. Blue Link works hard to be a trusted business partner with our customers and we love to see our customers grow and succeed. Want proof? See our Customer Testimonials — they are everyday users and we’re a fan of each and every one of them!

“I love working with the clients – that’s my favourite part. When I call the customers, I have not only a business relationship, but we take the time to ask each other how our weekends were, how we are, what’s new. So that’s important, not only on a business level but even just building that relationship with the customer and knowing that you’re not just an employee at Blue Link, you’re also someone that they can turn to for anything that they might need.”

– Joanne Fazari, Customer Service

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PACART Customer

“To confirm, last week‘s migration experience in Montréal well exceeded our expectations. Special THANK YOU to Joanne and Monique for the roles you played in setting this up internally and the initial preparation. Kudos to Monique for volunteering to go to Montréal. I would still be out there working if it was not for your expertise, calmness and guidance. Congratulations to you Darren as well, the migration from Dynacom went very smoothly and THANK YOU for navigating through the rough spots with PAQ and their techs. Mr. Canes – you have a remarkable team and the product just keeps getting better.”

– Mark Starling, Managing Director, PACART

In-Depth Consulting Services

We spend the time required to get to know your business before assuming we have a solution for you. We want to work out your requirements and make sure we work through solutions for your specific business need before we show you how we can accommodate those processes. We offer free consultations for all prospective clients and provide ongoing consulting services to existing customers. Our team of in-house consultants get to know you and your business to make recommendations to help your business grow and succeed. Request a free consultation now.

“Ever since I switched to the consulting position, I have been able to talk with more and more people, getting their problems first-hand, which I think really fascinates me. It’s really interesting for me to see all of those problems and to try to tackle them and figure out how to resolve them at the time.”

– Jeffrey Ren, Consultant

Microsoft Gold Partner Logo

A Certified Microsoft Partner

Blue Link ERP is built on some of the most popular and well-supported Microsoft technology in the world, including a SQL server back-end. Blue Link is very user-friendly, especially for those that are familiar with Microsoft products and has integration with Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Blue Link customers also receive discounted Microsoft Licenses.

Is Blue Link ERP a Good Fit for Your Business?

Our customers are wholesale and distribution businesses with some clients also operating retail and eCommerce channels.

  • Blue Link customers typically have between 5-150 employees
  • Blue Link customers choose the software and trust our team as their business partner because…
    • They are excited about the opportunity to grow their business and expand into new markets
    • They need a solution to help with regulatory compliance – Health Canada, DEA, FDA, DSCSA, etc.
    • They are frustrated with using multiple, standalone solutions that do not interact with one another
    • They are anxious to start selling through other channels such as EDI, eCommerce and Amazon and need an integrated solution to do so
    • They are worried about their existing legacy systems crashing and losing data and productivity with no access to support
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