Industrial Products Distribution

ERP for Wholesale and Distribution

Blue Link ERP is designed as an all-in-one, inventory and accounting software and is a great fit for companies that deal with industrial products distribution, including those that buy and sell industrial machinery and equipment. In addition to inventory management features, accounting and financials, Blue Link also provides specialized features such as service and scheduling for those dealing with equipment repairs, warranty, and maintenance.

More Features

Service and Repair

Blue Link provides advanced functionality for managing service and repair requests and is the perfect fit for businesses that provide in-shop service and repairs, or for technicians who visit customers onsite.

  • Track multiple service requests per order
  • Assign service requests against specific equipment items
  • Track parts and labor against service requests as well as other non-inventory items
  • Service and appointment scheduling with automated communication (appointment and maintenance reminders)
  • Job/project costing and integrated quoting
Industrial Machinery

“…Darren and his team, first remotely and then over a week on-site achieved a near “flawless” conversion to their Blue Link Elite ERP platform and had us working in the new system almost immediately. This was an incredible feat only made possible through experience and knowledge, both of which I can attest they have an abundance of.”

– Ross Lemire, VP Operations

Light Manufacturing

When dealing with industrial products, some distributors also require light manufacturing requirements such as simple BOM, kitting and assembly and production.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Blue Link allows you to define a list of components necessary to assemble a finished good
  • BOM is used to track production based on what components and other inventory items are available for use

Assembly / Production Control

  • Assembly and production control functionality determines what products can be assembled given a defined bill of materials (BOM) and available inventory
  • With Blue Link’s assembly and production control tools, you can assemble product, disassemble product, and assign costs to the labour components of the assembly process


Allows for inventory to be sold as pre-defined kits – groups of items sold as a single item – or sold as individual items.  For example, you might sell keyboards and mice separately or together as a keyboard and mouse combo.

Landed Cost Tracking

Blue Link’s landed cost tracking tools are essential for industrial products distribution companies that import and export equipment. With these tools, you can easily determine the actual cost of your inventory by tracking all the costs associated with getting product into your warehouse. These costs commonly include duty, brokerage, freight, insurance, storage and wharfage. The ability to track your landed costs helps you set appropriate margins and pricing. With Blue Link’s landed cost tracking features you can automatically track costs and allocate landed costs proportionately – different percentages based on weight, container, etc.

Product Matrix

Blue Link’s product matrix is useful for any company that has the need to manage a matrix of product variables. This applies to the distribution of industrial products where some inventory items will vary in one or two elements (such as finish, diameter, thickness, size, color, pressure, length, etc).  Our product matrix allows you to create and manage all the SKUs in a group and show them in a matrix for easy order entry.

Blue Link Industrial Products Customers

Below you will find some exampls of Blue Link customers that are wholesale distributors in the Industrial Products industry.  These customers have all benefited from Blue Link’s inventory and accounting ERP software with industry specific functionality such as our landed cost tracking, warehouse shipping, barcode scanning, handheld picking and reporting and analytics tools.