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Blue Link has been designed from the ground up for wholesalers and distributors – especially importers and exporters. Blue Link offers functionality important for importers and exporters such as landed cost tracking, multi-currency support and warehouse management to aid with inventory logistics. These features are part of Blue Link’s all-in-one ERP software that includes inventory management, accounting, order entry, invoicing, quoting and more.

Import Export Software

Blue Link software is perfect for wholesalers and distributors that import or export product – to and from anywhere in the world! Our software works great for a variety of sub-industries such as:

Food & Beverage / Apparel / Consumer Goods/ Industrial Products / Electronics and more!

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Discover Bermuda Import & Export’s Success with Blue Link

Bermuda Import & Export

“We import two containers of produce weekly and checking the line items and different categories are now all set up and the man doing that job just breezes through it. Previously, he would spend about three or four hours; now it takes him 30 minutes – and that’s if he’s slow and takes a coffee break!”

– David Potts, Financial Controller

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Import and Export Software – What to Look For

As a wholesale/distribution business that imports and exports, it’s important that you have the right back-end ERP software in place to help manage landed costs, customs processes and multi-currency. Learn what features to look for when shopping for a back-end solution.

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Navigating Global Supply Chains with Import Export Management Software

For distribution businesses, globalization provides the opportunity to easily buy and sell products across multiples sales channels around the world. However, certain considerations such as language barriers, time differences, and cultural norms can complicate the supply chain.

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Landed Cost Formula (Calculation)

The right inventory and accounting ERP software for importers and exporters will include functionality to automatically calculate landed costs. However, it’s a good idea to understand the formula behind the calculations to get a true sense of what landed costs are, where the numbers come from and why they are so important to track.

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