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Blue Link Robust Accounting Software

Blue Link is your all-in-one accounting, business management, and ERP inventory system solution. Blue Link software is designed from the ground up with a robust accounting backbone that makes it impossible to put the system out of balance. Blue Link’s accounting functionality is built for small and medium-size wholesalers and distributors.


Accounting Features

Blue Link ERP accounting functionality is tightly integrated with its inventory management, order entry and processing and warehouse management functionality for an all-in-one solution. Blue Link’s accounting functionality is designed with wholesale and distribution businesses in mind and includes features for managing multiple companies, locations and business processes, as well as retail and eCommerce operations. Specific functionality includes:

  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Bank Management
  • General Ledger
  • Advanced Landed Cost Tracking
  • Multi-Company/Multi-Currency
  • Financial Report Writer – Excel Add-in

Robust Distribution Accounting Software Features

Blue Link ERP includes the following robust accounting software features:



Trustworthy Accounting

Our posting integrity controls prevent your books going out of balance. If any transaction would result in a control account of trial balance out of balance situation, the transaction will not post. This way, even a negligent or malicious 3rd party program or data edit cannot circumvent these controls.

Credit Card Processing & Encrypted Data Vault

Blue Link helps businesses achieve ERP PCI Compliance through its encrypted credit card data vault and also provides a credit card processing gateway for processing transactions.


Blue Link is fully multi-currency from the ground up.


You can operate multiple companies (on the same server) at no extra cost.

Inter-Company Postings

The Inter-Company optional component automates the processing of transactions between related companies, auto-balancing the inter-company loan accounts on both sides.

Recurring Entries & Reversing Entries

Makes it easy to account for monthly expenses, amortize annual costs over fiscal months, and handle period end accruals.

Multi-Dimensional General Ledger

Facilitates tracking GL transactions in up to 4 dimensions.

Advanced, Dedicated Collection Management

Makes collecting receivables easy and helps circumvent the most frequent delay tactics employed by overdue accounts.

Flexible, Powerful Sales Tax Management System

Includes automated calculation of remittances to multiple sales tax authorities / jurisdictions. Optionally interfaces with online sales tax rate subscription service (US only).

Alternate Vendor Payment

Makes it simple to pay vendors by credit card, yet still track the costs and expenses to the specific individual vendors – whether payment is made up front or after the fact.

Multiple Bank Account Management

Bank reconciliation features allow multiple simultaneous payment runs to be handled, allowing departmental approval processes, and multiple payment types (including online payments and EFT). Can manage accounts in any currency.

Proper Accrual System

For receiving purchases and landed costs, with control accounts and sub-ledgers, and on screen reconciliation with suppliers invoices.

Advanced Inventory Features

As an all-in-one system, Blue Link ERP doesn’t only include accounting functionality, but also advanced inventory management features. This allows you to manage your entire wholesale and distribution business with one system.

Distribution Accounting Software Demo Video

Man writing testimonial on cell phone

Liana and I are of course getting excited about retiring. Our last day will be September 26 so the finish line is within sight now. We would like to think we have left the company in good shape and in a large part that has been because of our decision to use Blue Link as our accounting package. We almost feel that you are part of the company because of the close working relationship we have. Thanks once again for marketing a great product and supporting it with a devoted staff.

Wayne Delroy
IT Dept, Monarch Siding, Monarch Siding

Accounting Reports in Blue Link ERP

Blue Link’s accounting functionality includes various built-in reports, financial dashboards and reporting tools. These reports provide a snapshot of your company’s financial status at a specific point in time and can be used to make informed decisions about the future. Financial dashboards allow you to see important information in a format that is easy to read and helps to quickly identify patterns, opportunities and threats.  For more information about accounting reports in Blue Link ERP, check out our demo video.

Financial report writer - Excel

Blue Link’s Financial Report Writer – Excel Add-In

Blue Link’s Financial Report Writer is an Excel add-in that links general ledger data from one or more Blue Link databases to Excel and provides an easy method to create financial statements such as (but not limited to) Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets.

Using the familiar interface of Excel, this add-in links to live Blue Link general ledger data and facilitates segmenting reports by up to 4 distinct segments (assuming they are being used in Blue Link):

  • GL Account
  • GL Department
  • Job Code
  • Cost Code

Blue Link’s Financial Report Writer is an easy-to-use reporting tool that transforms Excel into a tightly integrated analytical tool for your ERP data. This specific add-in links to Blue Link general ledger data, however, as an Excel tool, allows users to combine ODBC-linked data from other sources (such as Blue Link sales history, or other databases entirely) in the same workbook for easy access and distribution of important business data and reports.


With Blue Link’s Financial Report Writer…

  • Drill down into individual account balances and from there to actual transactions posted to the select account in the selected period
  • Easily update data based on specific periods and timeframes
  • Always report on up-to-the-minute data with a quick refresh of the company data from the actual database – this process loads the current general ledger data into the workbook
  • Create visually stunning graphs to represent data using standard Excel functionality
  • Eliminate the manual process of re-keying data or downloading information from various sources into Excel

Accounting Resources

Blue Link’s robust accounting functionality is just one piece of our entire ERP solution. Designed for wholesale and distribution businesses in a variety of industries, Blue Link ERP includes much more than just accounting such as inventory management, warehouse management, order entry and processing, purchasing and more.

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