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Blue Link teams up with the best of the best to offer your business superior products and services.  Blue Link partners share a culture of great service and support and provide software solutions built on the most up-to-date technology.  Blue Link ERP is completely integrated with the partners below to ensure seamless interaction with other software applications.  We know you don’t want the hassle of dealing with multiple standalone systems and so Blue Link only integrates with partners we trust to offer the same level of service and commitment to our customers.

Spreadsheet Server Financial Statements

Spreadsheet Server is Blue Link’s partner for easily creating financial statements in Excel with live Blue Link data.

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Virtual Logistics Integration Partner

Virtual Logistics is Blue Link’s Integration Partner for eCommerce integration, EDI, marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and more.

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Paymate Payroll

Paymate is Blue Link’s payroll partner and is completely integrated for managing all things payroll and HR related.

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Avalara Sales Tax

Avalara is Blue Link’s sales tax system partner for automatically calculating and applying sales tax information for US businesses.

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RepZio Order Entry

RepZio is Blue Link’s partner for mobile sales applications and provides an iOS app for sales people on the road and at tradeshows.

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Microsoft Partner

Blue Link is a Gold Microsoft Partner providing users with a familiar interface and software experience based on trusted technology.

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HiTech Merchant Services

HiTech Merchant Services helps Blue Link customers manage relationships with credit card merchants in order to get the best rates and start processing credit cards.

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Docuware is Blue Link’s partner for electronic document management – set-up workflows, automate the flow of information and easily manage all paper documentation electronically.

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Handshake B2B eCommerce

Handshake is a B2B eCommerce and mobile sales order tool that gives buyers the convenience of 24×7 ordering online and offline, and product education through a custom mobile and tablet application.

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