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eCommerce and ERP Software Integration
Blue Link offers a whole lot more than just inventory management and accounting. Our robust ERP software can also fully integrate with existing B2C and B2B eCommerce webstores. Blue Link has pre-built ERP eCommerce integration with a variety of eCommerce platforms including Magento and Shopify, as well as the ability to integrate with many other popular platforms and marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. If your business is looking for an order entry tool, Blue Link has developed a proprietary Online Order Portal for use by B2B customers and/or sales reps.

Finally, one system to take care of everything.

B2B and B2C eCommerce

B2C and B2B eCommerce

Blue Link offers Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) Web Services for eCommerce integration. With the help of Blue Link’s preferred integration partner VL Omni, or a partner of your choice, these Web Services facilitate two-way integration with your existing B2C and B2B eCommerce webstores such as Magento and Shopify. This allows for up-to-the-minute live updates between Blue Link’s ERP software and your webstores including inventory, orders, shipments and payments. This integration has been pre-built for plug-and-play with multiple existing platforms.

Examples of eCommerce platforms supported include Magento, Shopify, Shopatron, Bigcommerce, XCart, Volusion, Lemonstand and more!

Marketplace Integration

Marketplace Integration

Blue Link offers marketplace integration with a variety of marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and vendor/customer specific marketplaces.  Through Blue Link’s Web Services and our integration partner VL Omni, we help your business achieve two-way integration with existing eCommerce marketplaces. Information such as inventory, orders, shipments and payments is updated live between Blue Link and your marketplace partners.

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Online Order Portal

Online Order Portal

Blue Link offers its own proprietary Online Order Portal for B2B customers and/or sales reps. This online order portal is completely customizable to include your company’s graphics and colours and does not require your team have in-depth HTML experience. The Online Order Portal dynamically integrates with Blue Link ERP software allowing your customers and/or sales reps to sign in, view inventory with customer-specific pricing, view sales history and open orders and place new orders.

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Demo Video: eCommerce Integration with Blue Link & Shopify

Benefits of an Integrated eCommerce System

Integrate All Business Channels. As an omnichannel business, all orders – including phone, online, retail, wholesale, tradeshow etc. – are all accounted for in the same system so information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Secure Credit Card Processing. Painless and secure credit card processing helps your business with PCI Compliance and allows your customers to easily pay for orders and gives them peace of mind that their data will be kept safe.

Find the Best Shipping Rates. Blue Link gives you the flexibility to work with multiple carriers and always ship via the cheapest carrier/method with rate comparison and shipping features.

Dramatically Grow Order Volume. If you are not already selling online, you are missing a huge piece of the pie and Blue Link allows your business to quickly scale, without the need to hire additional staff.

Increase Product Visibility. Make it easy for your customers to find, view and purchase your products 24/7, 365.

Doing eCommerce Integration Right

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eCommerce and Marketplace ERP Integration

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eCommerce Integration Guide

Visit our eCommerce Integration Partner – VL OMNI

As a Blue Link partner for over a decade, VL OMNI provides behind-the-scenes integration between Blue Link and eCommerce sites including Shopify and Amazon. VL OMNI provides point-to-multipoint, serverless, and bidirectional data integration as their default approach for integration. Their platform has the ability to move data from a single application to many, to run workflows in parallel without interference with other processes, and all VL OMNI Connectors can move data both into and out of any particular application.

Virtual Logistics Integration Partner