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Go Paperless with DocuWare Electronic Document Management

Blue Link’s all-in-one business management software includes complete two-way integration with DocuWare – an electronic document management system.  The integration between Blue Link and DocuWare allows users to quickly store, index, search, display, download, retrieve, edit and integrate documents and create automated workflows to help your business operate in a paperless environment.

Benefits of DocuWare

Benefits of DocuWare

View documents from different programs. Users can view pictures of documents that require specific programs to open.  For example, DocuWare will store CAD files as an image so that users without the CAD program can still view an image of the document from their own computer or phone.

Create workflows. Users can create workflows within DocuWare so that documents automatically get sent to the right employees based on document type. Workflows can be used in creating an approval process by automatically sending documents to the appropriate person throughout each stage of the workflow. Workflows can also be set-up to create automatic email responses and alerts based on document status.

Combine multiple documents. Users can “clip” and “staple” documents together so that they get stored as one file – such as multiple expense receipts.

Intelligent indexing. Intelligent indexing will learn how to index new and similar documents without users having to manually highlight or key-in information.

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Electronic Document Management Features

Electronic Document Management Features

Once imported into DocuWare, depending on whether or not the document has been properly indexed, items are either sent directly to an electronic “inbox tray” which can be specific to one user or multiple users, or to an electronic “file cabinet”. Intelligent indexing will try to index every document imported by automatically populating information from the document into DocuWare, and will look for existing information stored in the Blue Link database to help auto-index fields (such as an existing Customer Code).

  • Users can manually index a document by quickly highlighting sections of the document that match specific data fields
  • Once a type of document has been indexed (either manually or using intelligent indexing), DocuWare will be able to automatically index any new documents of the same format in the future

DocuWare and Blue Link Integration

A look at Blue Link’s integration with DocuWare.

Women Typing on Laptop organizing her documents electronically.
Importing Documents

Automatically Import Documents

Documents are imported into DocuWare through various methods depending on the business process.

  • Manual import – selecting and importing a document from a folder
  • Physical scan – where users scan physical documents to a network folder and DocuWare will automatically upload and index those documents accordingly
  • Automatic import of documents from a “watched folder” on a network
  • Import of emails and email attachments – via DocuWare Outlook add-in
  • By taking a picture of a document using the camera of a smartphone or tablet and the DocuWare mobile app
  • By printing a PDF file to a DocuWare printer, which then imports the document directly into DocuWare
Blue Link and DocuWare Integration

Blue Link and DocuWare Integration – A/P Vouchers

Integration with DocuWare and Blue Link has currently been configured for the automatic creation of A/P Vouchers – once users import documents into Blue Link from DocuWare, the system will automatically map the fields from the document(s) to the corresponding fields in Blue Link to create an AP Voucher (such as invoice number, invoice date, due date, customer code, amount etc.)

  • From within Blue Link, users can view and access all documents associated with a customer and then filter for specific documents depending on the particular job function they are performing
  • Users can view documents related to vendors, customers, sales orders, purchase orders, A/P vouchers etc,.