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Ship Product Faster with Blue Link ERP

Shipping and receiving is an imperative part of your wholesale distribution business. Blue Link provides robust ERP shipping functionality for receiving, picking, packing and shipping products to ensure your customers get the right product when they want it. Specific functionality includes:

  • Wireless barcode scanning
  • Print picking and packing slips, and shipping labels
  • Integration with common shipping carriers
  • Integration with rate shopping tools to help minimize shipping costs
  • Ability to manage RMAs
  • Pack-to-container functionality
  • Shipping history

More ERP Software Features

Shipping and Receiving Software Features

As part of any good ERP shipping solution, Blue Link provides specific functionality for you to pick, pack and ship orders quickly. With Blue Link’s warehouse shipping functionality, once an order has been picked and packed, you can easily select the order to ship, enter shipment details, print the documents required to accompany the order, and mark the order as shipped.

Based on rules defined in the system, the act of “shipping” the order can also result in an invoice being printed (that could accompany the shipment), and even posted. Once the order has been shipped, Blue Link ERP maintains a history of the shipment, the number of boxes shipped, and the items assigned to each box.

Carrier Integration

Integration with common carriers allows you to easily generate shipping labels and paperwork without the need to enter information into multiple solutions. The common couriers tracking screen is accessible from within Blue Link.

Rate Shopping

Blue Link ERP integrates with rate shopping applications to help your business get the best shipping rates. Once employees have finished packing orders into boxes specifying size and weight, the system will automatically populate a list of available carrier companies and their respective services and rates. Employees then choose an option and the information is used to generate shipping labels and any associated paperwork – and then product is ready to ship!

Receiving Inventory

With Blue Link ERP, you can easily manage the receipt of inventory to your warehouse or to multiple warehouse locations. Specific functionality includes:

  • Easily receive inventory using barcode scanning technology
  • Ability to receive products and associated lot and serial numbers
  • Calculate total costs of goods “COG” – including landed costs
  • Valuation of inventory is automatically updated as product is received
  • Inventory updated in real time upon receipt

Wireless Barcode Scanning

Blue Link’s wireless barcode scanning functionality makes shipping and receiving a hassle-free process. Easily scan items as you receive them into your warehouse to update inventory quantities or scan items as part of the picking process using electronic pick slips. Verification scanning is also available for use at packing stations.

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Benefits of ERP Shipping Software

Reduce manual work, double entry and human error. Integration with common carriers and the use of an all-in-one ERP shipping and receiving software means no more manual work entering the same information (such as customer details, address information, product dimensions etc.) into multiple, standalone systems.

Save money and reduce costs. Easily compare the rates and services of several different carriers with the simple click of a button to minimize shipping costs to your business. Choose which carrier to ship with for every shipment. You can also use the system to create consolidated shipments, minimizing transportation costs.

Ship product faster. Get the right product to the right customer in the most efficient way possible with Blue Link’s suite of warehouse management tools such as verification scanning, picking based on bin and shelf number and label printing.

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We’ve probably gone from 30 orders a day in the past, to probably 100 with being able to just one-by-one get the orders out.

Kroeger Customer
Peter Gerogacopoulos
Head of Finance and Procurement, Kroeger Inc

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