Apparel Inventory Software for Wholesale Distribution

Apparel Matrix Software

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Blue Link ERP includes apparel inventory software for wholesale and distribution businesses who also sell through retail and eCommerce channels. If you’re a wholesale distributor of apparel or textile products, Blue Link’s all-in-one solution includes functionality to manage your inventory, sales orders, financials, reporting, customer service and more:

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A look at Blue Link’s Product Generation Wizard, Order Entry Matrix and Purchasing Grid

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Blue Link’s Apparel Inventory Software

Blue Link’s unique, purpose-built apparel matrix and inventory software automates and streamlines the management of products and orders by providing purpose-built tools that allow you to enter orders and quotes the way your customers give them to you, using the matrix. Our easy-to-use product matrix simplifies the creation of product SKUs and provides ultimate flexibility for entering orders and quotes. With Blue Link, you also always have the option of switching back and forth between the grid and traditional order entry modes.

Software Features

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Blue Link is a unique environment in terms of you have to be ready to embrace it, but if you’re willing to really make that effort from a company standpoint and you really get your staff on board, it’s pretty phenomenal.

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Blue Link’s Product Matrix Works Across Industries

Not only is Blue Link’s product matrix beneficial to industries such as apparel and textiles, the functionality is also useful for any company that has the need to manage a matrix of product variables. This applies to industries that have a base product that varies in one or two elements (such as material, diameter, size, color, pressure, length, finish, etc). Other industries where product matrix functionality is useful includes the furniture and home decor industry, industrial products, HVAC, building supplies and more. Blue Link’s product matrix allows you to create and manage all the SKUs in a group and show them in a matrix.


Apparel Customers

Below you will find some examples of Blue Link customers that are wholesale distributors in the Apparel, Fashion and Sporting Equipment industry. These customers have all benefited from Blue Link’s inventory and accounting ERP software with industry specific functionality such as our product matrix, eCommerce and landed cost tracking tools.