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Landed Cost Tracking System

Track Landed Costs Such as Duty, Brokerage and Freight

Skids of product outside of a warehouse

What is a Landed Cost Tracking System?

Blue Link’s landed cost tracking system allows you to account for all costs associated with getting inventory to your warehouse — your true inventory costs.

Track as many landed costs as you require — there is no practical limit. Common landed costs include: duty, brokerage, freight, insurance, storage, wharfage and many more.

Commonly used for businesses that import and export product, landed cost tracking also accounts for the costs and charges associated with moving inventory from multiple warehouse and shipping locations within the same country.

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Benefits of a  Landed Cost Tracking System

Many wholesalers and distributors import products and rely on accurate landed cost tracking in order to determine the actual cost of their inventory. This is especially true for importers and exporters.  Blue Link provides robust landed cost tracking functionality available to all customers.  This eliminates the need to manually track the costs associated with getting product to your warehouse – a process that is time-consuming and error-prone. Automating the process of tracking landed costs provides many benefits, including:

  • The ability to accurately track true product costs
  • The ability to make informed purchasing and pricing decisions that reflect the true costs of product at any given time
  • The ability to maintain target margins with no surprises from unidentified costs
  • Save time manually tracking costs and fixing errors – Blue Link automatically tracks and accounts for the landed costs identified by your company
  • Ability to allocate landed costs proportionately — different percentages based on weight, container etc.

Landed Cost System Demo Video

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Different Costing Methods Demo Video

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Landed Cost Tracking Whitepaper

Landed Costs Whitepaper: Why Landed Cost Tracking Matters

Read this whitepaper to learn what landed costs are, how to properly account for them, and why they matter to your business.

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Our old system, before Blue Link, used to calculate landed costs for an entire shipment. We would then have to go into each individual item and apply landed costs manually. With Blue Link, it’s nice to have those costs allocated to all items on the order automatically. Another great feature is the ability to calculate landed costs even before receiving items when creating a PO.

Katrina Musselman
Operations Manager

How to Calculate Landed Cost

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Landed Cost Formula (Calculation)

Manually tracking landed costs is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Learn more about the formula behind the scenes to better understand how Blue Link ERP calculates landed costs automatically in the software.

Learn More About The Formula