Distribution Inventory & Accounting Software

ERP Software for Distributors

Blue Link offers distribution ERP software with integrated accounting and inventory management features as well as contact management, designed specifically for wholesalers and distributors. Below is a sampling of functionality typically important for distribution businesses:

Distribution ERP Software

Blue Link software has been designed from the ground up with distributors and wholesalers in mind. For more information on how we fit wholesale businesses, visit our Wholesale Software page. In today’s world, distribution businesses sell inventory across a variety of sales channels including online, in-person, through phone and email, at tradeshows, from retail locations and more. The right software system will help manage sales from all channels, automate warehouse processes and streamline operations across all departments.

Software Features

Accounting Inventory ERP Software for Distributors


Blue Link’s software is designed and capable for a variety of distribution industries such as Food & Beverage, Baby & Children’s Products, Apparel, Fashion & Jewellery, Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, Garden & Floral, Pharmaceutical & Medical and more!

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Learn about D’Addario’s success in using Blue Link’s distribution ERP software and B2B online order portal

“Web.Venture has made D’Addario lives much easier… and more profitable.”

– Brad Davidson, D’Addario

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