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Blue Link ERP provides tightly integrated inventory management and accounting software tools, normally used in higher-end operations, at an affordable price for small to medium size distributors and wholesalers. As a wholesale and distribution business, inventory is your livelihood. Blue Link helps your business track and manage inventory in order to sell and ship product to customers in the most efficient manner possible.

Blue Link ERP Software

Inventory Management Features

Blue Link inventory management features are tightly integrated with accounting, order entry/processing and warehouse management functionality for an all-in-one solution.  Blue Link also provides specialized features for specific industries, such as Landed Cost Tracking and Lot Tracking (Traceability). Other specific inventory management features include:

  • Backorder Fulfillment and Management
  • Multi-Company and Warehouse Transfers
  • EDI Integration
  • Kitting and Bill of Materials (BOM) Support
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Multiple Units of Measure

Advanced Inventory Software Features

Blue Link provides the following advanced inventory software features:

Inventory CountsSupports full cycle counts and retroactive entry of counted items.
Lot TrackingAllows for the tracking of internal and external lot numbers. Crucial for companies in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Auto or manual lot number assignment with optionally use lot (specific) costing.
Serialized InventoryBlue Link handles serialized inventory and the transfer of serialized items between locations.
Backorder ManagementRules-based automated allocation of received inventory to backorders.
Multiple Warehouses & Inventory LocationsTrack inventory across multiple warehouses and locations. Automates transfers between locations within the same company.
Inter-Warehouse & Inter-Company TransfersManage the movement of products between warehouses or related companies.
Automated Replenishment RoutinesSystem-generated purchase orders. Ability to link purchase orders directly to sales orders.
Multiple Units of MeasureUser defined multiple UOMs
Kitting & Bill of Materials (BOM) SupportTrack kits made up of multiple products grouped together for sale, and manage raw materials and product components that are assembled into finished products.
Landed CostsEnables tracking of true inventory costs including duty, brokerage, freight etc.
Sales AnalysisPre-built reports plus access to detailed sales information using various external report writers.
Sales BudgetingBy product or by customer.
Advanced Accounting FeaturesCheck out our Advanced Accounting Features here.

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“We’ve gone from not being able to understand where inventory is to having complete visibility of our inventory at every moment of time – whether it’s sitting on a cart, whether its in a bin, regardless of where it might be.”

– Peter Gerogacopoulos, Head of Finance and Procurement

Benefits of Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management and Accounting ERP Software

Manage multiple sales channels. Blue Link’s inventory management functionality allows you to track inventory across multiple sales channels including eCommerce, tradeshows, walk-in customers, phone, email and more. Know exactly what product you have on hand at any given time.  

Streamline the receiving, picking, packing and shipping process. Blue Link’s inventory management functionality streamlines the recieving, picking, packing and shipping process by helping you pick efficiently according to bin and shelf location, easily pack-to-container and then mark the order as shipped within the system.

Distribute through multiple warehouse locations. Your business can easily transfer inventory between multiple warehouse locations, work with 3rd party logistics companies and track inventory across locations, all from within the same system.

Inventory Resources

The following resources will help you get a better understanding of Blue Link’s robust inventory software.

  • Download our Lot Tracking Whitepaper to learn more about why tracking lots and expiry dates is imperative in order to meet industry regulations and how automated lot tracking software can eliminate manual tracking processes
  • Download our Landed Cost Whitepaper to learn more about what landed costs are and how to accurately account for landed costs to aid with product pricing
  • Learn more about other Blue Link Software Features such as CRM, eCommerce integration, POS and more
  • Take a Blue Link ERP tour and watch demo videos highlighting specific functionality
  • Watch testimonials to see how Blue Link ERP benefits our customers