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Blue Link ERP: Wholesale Distribution Software

Is Blue Link Right for Your Business?

Is Blue Link Right for Your Business?

Blue Link ERP is an all-in-one accounting software, business management and inventory management software designed for small and medium size businesses – primarily wholesalers and distributors. Developed exclusively using up-to-date Microsoft Technology, Blue Link delivers power and flexibility with ease-of-use, all backed by the best after-sales support in the industry.

Blue Link is Designed for a Variety of Business Types



Blue Link brings significant wholesale implementation experience to the table. Our software has been specially built for a variety of wholesalers including durable and non-durable goods.

Wholesale Software



As with wholesale, many Blue Link customers are distributors across various industries. Our order processing, accounting and inventory management functionality is designed with distributors in mind.

Distribution Software



Blue Link offers several eCommerce solutions including B2C and B2B platforms. Combined with our powerful back-end system, these online solutions allow for significant business growth.

eCommerce Software

Retail Management

Retail Management

Blue Link enables omnichannel sales with specialized features for wholesale retail businesses such as point-of-sale, CRM, eCommerce, credit card processing, warehouse management and more.

Retail Management


Service & Repair

Blue Link software allows for the automation of service and repair businesses through our scheduler, service management, appointment reminders & automated reporting functionality.

Service & Repair Software


Import & Export

Advanced landed cost tracking, multi-currency support, and warehouse shipping components are just a few examples of the functionality designed to enable importers and exporters.

Import & Export Software


Light Manufacturing

Blue Link offers specialized modules for light manufacturing & assembly such as production control/BOM, product configuration and kitting to complement our core ERP features.

Manufacturing Software

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I have been through numerous software changes and this was BY FAR the easiest, most efficient and painless transition that I have been through. It has been smooth sailing since and we love the system.

Shielya Bennett
Accountant, Glacier Glove

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Blue Link is perfect for wholesalers and distributors, as well as those who import and export, sell through eCommerce, do light manufacturing, and offer service and repair.  Blue Link customers can be found in a variety of industries: