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The Real Cost of On-Premises Software

There was a time when on-premises software was the only option. Starting with the first iterations of the computer and computer software, every business was required to have its own servers, and a mini-army of tech specialists to manage the complicated pr[...]
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Hosted and On-Premises Software: Total Cost of Ownership

When your business decides to purchase inventory and accounting ERP software, the great debate remains: should you implement a hosted solution or on-premises?  For smaller organizations, the answer is obvious – when you compare the total cost of owner[...]
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Moving from Legacy On-Premises ERP to Cloud ERP

For many companies, deciding to implement a new ERP software stems from company growth and a lack of integrated software. However for those businesses that have been around longer, the need may stem from using outdated legacy systems.  In certain instanc[...]
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SaaS and On-Premises Software Disaster Recovery Plan

You can’t predict when your offices will experience an event such as a power failure or a bigger disaster, such as flooding, however you can protect it to minimize the damages that can occur as a result of such a situation. Many companies rely on th[...]
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Cloud vs. On-Premises Cost Comparison

There are several aspects to consider when choosing to implement a fully integrated inventory and accounting (ERP) system – one of them being whether or not to implement the software via the cloud or as an on-premises solution. The term “cloud[...]
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Comparing Hosted (Online) & On-Premises Software Systems

We have touched upon the benefits of hosted software before, but we have yet to provide a side-by-side comparison of hosted and on-premises. The following post will serve as an overview guide to the difference between these deployment methods. The[...]
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SaaS or On-Premise for ERP Software?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) now rivals the traditional on-premise license model for many companies considering implementing or changing ERP software. So what are the pros and cons of the two approaches (in fact, there are 3 approaches, but that’s a[...]
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