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Importance of eCommerce Accounting Software In An Online World

eCommerce makes the world go round, so running an online store with the proper eCommerce accounting software or an even more powerful ERP system with built-in eCommerce functionality – like Blue Link – is essential. To prove that point, over t[...]
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How to Track Sales Prospects with Contact Management Software

Contact management software as the name suggests, allows you to manage your business contacts – customers, suppliers, partners and prospects. Many software systems, such as the accounting system QuickBooks, will include built-in tools for managing your [...]
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Blog Interrupted by World Cup 2010

Johannesburg, South Africa – 3 days after the World Cup Final. I sit here shivering in the (not heated) house, the inventory management software business I work in is so far away – and so close at hand. I’ve been in South Africa [...]
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Sport in 2010

Sports thoughts in a business and technology blog – what gives? Well, these days professional sport is business – big business – and the use of technology in most sports is pervasive and in many cases leading edge. And that, my friends, is a c[...]
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