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[VIDEO] Improve Productivity With These 5 ERP Review Screens

Review screens in ERP software provide some of the most powerful tools for improving your workflow efficiency. Not only do review screens give you a quick business snapshot, but they also allow you to take action and edit multiple items at the same time. [...]
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Blue Link Pharmaceutical ERP Software Partners with Five Rivers RX

With a focus on SMBs in the wholesale and distribution industry, we at Blue Link ERP understand the complexities of buying and selling inventory. It is this understanding that originally helped our team identify a market lacking an affordable, robust whol[...]
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The Biggest Difference Between Blue Link Accounting and QuickBooks

There are many differences between Blue Link ERP and QuickBooks. For starters, while QuickBooks is designed as an accounting solution, Blue Link includes not only accounting functionality, but also inventory management, order entry and processing, purchas[...]
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Blue Link Named as Top Food and Beverage Distribution Software by Food Logistics’

Once again, Blue Link ERP is proud to be named to Food Logistics’ 2020 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers for our food and beverage distribution software. Food safety and consumer trust is more important than ever in today’s world, and one m[...]
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ERP Software Features: User Defined Fields

One of the more robust and frequently overlooked ERP software features is User Defined Fields. With Blue Link ERP, User Defined Fields (or UDFs as they are commonly referred to as), are a great option for managing different attributes and additional infor[...]
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ICYMI: A Recap of the 2020 HDA Traceability Seminar

Last week concluded the 2020 Traceability Seminar, put on by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA).  As a content-rich, information-heavy event, the transition this year to a virtual conference was easy and allowed attendees to participate in ev[...]
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Using a VPN for Remote Access to Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software (sometimes referred to as hosted or SaaS), is a software deployment method whereby users access the system through the internet. With cloud-based ERP, this means that the software lives on hardware and servers managed by the software [...]
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Exploring File Management Programs like DocuWare

Filing cabinets and printers worldwide sit unused and collecting dust. Gone are the days of needing binders full of documents, organized by color tabs and date. Physical files are a thing of the past, especially now as a large percentage of the workforce [...]
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Blue Link ERP Customer Service & Support

It may seem like an obvious question when evaluating software vendors, but asking about ERP customer service, technical support, and Help Desk activities is not as simple as it seems. With technology today, customer service and support activities can come[...]
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How to Use Job Costing to Track Trade Show Expenses (and Determine Profit)

The ability to track costs, revenues, and profits is an important aspect of any business – but what about tracking that information for specific jobs or projects? As a wholesale distribution business, you may not realize how many unique jobs/projects y[...]
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