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Blue Link’s Affordable Office 365 Migration Services

Since the highly anticipated launch of Office 365 back in 2011, the platform has become one of the most popular enterprise cloud services and it’s easy to see why.  In short, the application is a subscription service that gives u[...]
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The Dangers of Using Excel for Inventory Management

We speak with many prospects who are using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a way to manage their inventory and other areas of their business, most often because they lack more sophisticated software systems.  This is not uncommon and can work for very sm[...]
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Understanding Software End of Support

We’ve all received that ominous notice that the software we are using will soon no longer be supported – with the most recent example coming from Microsoft in regards to the end of support for Windows XP as of April 8th 2014. Even though this news ten[...]
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Windows XP No Longer Supported after April 8, 2014

Guest post by Raymond Desjardins After many warnings from Microsoft, it appears that they are going to completely stop supporting (including through Windows update) Windows XP on April 8, 2014.  Microsoft prefers to refer to this end of support as [...]
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Excel For Inventory Management?

I recently visited a company that uses Excel for inventory management which is not unusual as many small businesses use Excel to manage areas of business for which they do not have a purpose-built system. But this visit reminded me how dangerous it can be[...]
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Office 2013: A Second Opinion

In a guest post on this blog, David Silva shared his impressions of moving to Office 2013. I recently went through the process of upgrading to both Windows 8 and Office 2013. After two weeks I had to move back to Windows 7 (but that’s a discussion[...]
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Moving to Microsoft Office 2013

Guest blog by David Michaelangelo Silva   I recently made the move to Microsoft Office 2013 and thought I would share my experience as well as some tips and tricks for getting started. First of all, Office 2013 is not something to [...]
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Life’s a Slice(r) with Excel 2010

As discussed in a previous post, Excel Pivot Tables are powerful tools for analyzing and reporting on data from your accounting software package, and other business data sources. Starting back with Office 2010, Excel released a new feature that takes Pi[...]
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Outlook 2010 – 2 new things I love

OK, perhaps “love” is too strong a word here – I mean, get a grip, it’s only software, not something to actually fall in love with. Now if it were soccer… But I digress (actually, I do that quite frequently – it&#[...]
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Outlook Add-In: forgotten attachments

We’ve all done something like this: you hit the send button on an email that refers to an attachment, only to then realize that you forgot the attachment. Your follow-up email sheepishly says something like: “…and here’s the attach[...]
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