The Windows 7 Outlook Crashing Blues

Mark Canes

Edit October 30, 2009: see possible solution at the bottom of this post.

[Sung to the tune of an old blues standard]

My notebook was running the..Release Candidate
Since early in springtime, and all was just great
When final release code, was shipped to my door
I left it alone there, sayin' I don't need no more

The programs were runnin', the data was hot
The widgets so useful, I had such a lot
So no need to install, the RTM disc
When everythin's alright, then why take a risk?


But oh, oh, oh, tell me it ain't so
I got the Windows 7 Outlook crashing blues (yeah yeah)

Twas only last Monday, started out strong
But purty soon I noticed something was wrong
Cause every few minutes, my Outlook would crash
And then it would restart, with full memory cache

There's no way of workin', you cannot progress
When crashes are reg'lar, much to your distress
I tried to reboot it, I started to fuss
But nothing could stop this, not even a cuss

(Repeat Chorus)

So now I'm alone here, the reformat starts
The first stage of install, in so many parts
And finally farewell to Release Candidate
Hello to release code, you'd better be great

(Final Chorus)

Cause oh, oh, oh if you ain't good
I'll have the Windows 7 Outlook crashing blues forever more.

[Since determined that part of the problem is the Office 2003 junk mail filter that Windows Update insists on installing unless you switch it off. Hope that helps those who get with the same problem.]