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Supporting Each Other During a Crisis

A Message from Blue Link ERP President, Mark Canes Just like almost every other company during these past couple of weeks, Blue Link ERP has had to make some changes as we continue to navigate the ever changing COVID-19 crisis. As I write this, I a[...]
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Cost Benefit Analysis for Business Process Automation

Having previously discussed the concept of business process automation (“BPA”) and how to identify bottlenecks that BPA can potentially resolve, let’s now turn our attention to the costs of implementing BPA, and the cost versus benefits[...]
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Business Process Automation – Identifying Bottlenecks

Building on the previous blog post about Business Process Automation (“BPA”), let’s now explore some ideas on how to identify processes that could (or should) be automated, and also how to evaluate the potential benefits of doing so. [...]
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Business Process Automation – Is It For You?

If you work for a large organization, chances are that you’re quite familiar with the concept of Business Process Automation (“BPA”). However, many smaller businesses may have heard the expression but are either not sure what it exactly [...]
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Simplest Way to Maximize Return on ERP Software Investment

When investigating a possible ERP Software purchase, some companies try to use the anticipated return on investment (“ROI”) as a tool to justify the project, select a vendor, and / or measure the project’s success. One sees this more wit[...]
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RDP and Cloud-based Software

What is RDP? RDP stands for “Remote Desktop Protocol” and it’s a Microsoft licensed technology that essentially allows you to connect from your device to another computer over the internet. The technology is available for a large ran[...]
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3 Traps to Avoid When Implementing ERP Software

When implementing a new ERP Software System in your business, you’re probably (hopefully) looking to achieve improvements in productivity, information flow and business intelligence. Here are three traps that many companies fall into [...]
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Bookkeepers and Accounting ERP Software can help keep an Owner’s Mind on Growing the Business

As any business owner will tell you, there is no such thing as a traditional ‘9-5’ work day, as working hours extend far beyond into the evenings and weekends. In most start-ups and small businesses, the available resources are slim at best, and the o[...]
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6 Costly Software Selection Mistakes

For many wholesale and distribution companies, replacing internal inventory and accounting ERP software is like going to the dentist; necessary, but potentially painful. Even for those businesses who consider the software purchase as a strategic investmen[...]
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SaaS and On-Premises Software Disaster Recovery Plan

You can’t predict when your offices will experience an event such as a power failure or a bigger disaster, such as flooding, however you can protect it to minimize the damages that can occur as a result of such a situation. Many companies rely on th[...]
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