Wholesale & Distribution ERP Software Modules

Danielle Lobo

Small businesses often overlook the benefits of ERP software, as they may believe it is too complex or expensive for their needs. However, what they may not realize is that ERP software can streamline and optimize a wide range of business processes, such as inventory management and accounting. By strategically investing in the right technology and functions, small businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity, paving the way for future growth and success.


It is important to ensure you are seeking out a system that is well-suited to the industry and space you operate in. Let’s take a macro-level view and evaluate important ERP software modules for wholesale and distribution.

Financial Modules

For a business to grow sustainably, it is crucial to monitor their financial habits, which includes daily accounting practices. In the distribution sector, decisions on pricing and order quantities cannot be made lightly - they require careful analysis through financial modules that involve day-to-day accounting activities.

Basic Accounting Modules
AR/AP (Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable)
General Ledger
Bank Management


Important Accounting Modules Tip
Contract Pricing Streamline price lists and ensure consistency
Landed Cost Tracking/Accruals Accurately track the true costs of products
Multi-Currency Buy and sell product in multiple currencies
Inter-Company Accounting share product between two companies or warehouses
Commissions Processing Pay salespeople appropriately
Job/Project Costing Keep track of project costs to understand your ROI
Vendor Payment Processing pay suppliers and vendors on time and accurately

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Inventory Modules

Basic Inventory Modules
Order Entry & Invoicing
Order Entry & Invoicing
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)


Important Inventory Modules Tip
Lot Tracking great for regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals or food and beverage industries
Warehouse Automation including the use of barcode scanning
Apparel/Product Matrix for efficiently organizing a large number of similar products that require individual tracking.
Multi-company and warehouse transfers Share inventory between two “warehouses”
Kitting and Bill of Materials (BOM) Support To assist with the creation of kits without the need for manufacturing software
Multiple Units of Measure Buy and sell in different quantities with no issues

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General Modules

Basic General Modules
Contact Management (CRM)
Commission Processing
Backorder Management


Important General Modules Tip
Point of Sale (POS) many distributors like to open shop in the warehouse where customers can purchase product in a retail setting
Warehouse Shipping  increase the efficiencies of shipping processes in the warehouse and link to shipping sites such as FedEx or UPS etc.)
Webservices API - eCommerce Integration & EDI Complete 2 way integrated for online selling and partnering with large corporations
Automated Reporting & Analytics  Cut time and mistakes with automated reports delivered to the right mailbox

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When selecting ERP software for wholesale and distribution operations, it's crucial to consider a comprehensive list of functionalities that are tailored to the specific needs of distributors and wholesalers. The software should not only meet the requirements outlined in this list but also go above and beyond to ensure seamless and efficient operations.