Operations Reports

Learn about different operations reports in Blue Link such as Inventory Availability, Dead Stock Reports and more.


0:00-0:30 Blue Link ERP helps you manage your operations and supply chain with purchasing and inventory reports, dashboards, and other information. Blue Link has a lot of built-in reports to allow you to manage inventory at a detailed level, such as inventory movement reports, inventory availability by location or warehouse and inventory evaluation in summary or detail by FIFO, average cost or lot costing.

0:30-0:55 Some of the more interesting reports are found in your web portal where we can review report such as a sophisticated dead stock analysis that allows us to identify which products we should be trying to sell and get rid of. You can also view an inventory turnover report or an analysis of purchases by vendor for a selected period by category, which allows you to selectively include or exclude different categories.

0:55-1:10 Now, as you can have any of these reports automatically emailed to you at specified intervals, it might be useful to try this one, a report that tells you which products we have on backorders on sales orders, but we have not yet placed a purchase order for them.

1:10-1:15 And meanwhile back on your dashboard don't forget to use the drill down ability to see the detail behind any of the highlighted numbers.

1:15-1:30 And those are some of the links operations reports, a great way to evaluate business health and make strategic business decisions.