AP Aging Reports

Using Blue Link ERP, we review the Accounts Payable process and take a look at different AP Aging Reports by currency to easily see information across different accounts.


0:00-0:12 A frequent question revolves around reporting on accounts payable or accounts receivable aging in different currencies will use accounts payable as the example here, but the same applies to accounts receivable.


0:12-0:45 If you open up our aging report selection. You'll notice that there's a currency field over here. Now, if you leave the currency blank and you print the report, then what you're going to see is a report that is in the home currency. So any foreign currency vendors are translated into the home currency. So if your home currency was U.S. dollars, then you would see a report with everybody reflected in terms of U.S. dollars. And in fact, you can see on the top towards the top right hand corner of the report is tending all currencies, but the numbers reflected are in U.S. dollars.


0:45-1:05 Now, if you wanted to print report for a specific currency like let's say for example Canadian dollars, you could select that currency here and now it's only going to show you the vendors that are in that currency, but it's showing you the numbers in that currency. So these are one of our Canadian dollar vendors shown in Canadian dollars.


1:05-1:15 Similarly, we could look at, for example, any of our supplies that we track in euros and we can see those balances. Again, that will be shown in euros.


1:15-1:30 But once again leaving the currency field blank will show us those numbers in our home currency and the total of this report is the amount that will agree with your general Ledger control account.That's all there is to it.