Accounting Reports

Learn about different accounting reports and financial statements in Blue Link including Customer Aging, Vendor Payment and more.


0:00-0:25 Blue Link ERP, contains all the accounting reports you would expect in an inventory and accounting system. For example, Blue Link includes customer or vendor aging reports in summary or detail, current or retroactive, as well as more operational reports such as vendor payment requirement reports and deposit history reports.


0:25-0:40 Another feature of Blue Link is the ability to view our general Ledger trial balance, in summary, to ensure the trial balance actually balances and we can also print some or all of the general Ledger accounts in detail for the selected date period.


0:40-0:55 When it comes time to produce financial statements. The Blue Link financial report writer, which is an Excel-based and that interacts in real time with your actual accounting data. Gives you unlimited flexibility to generate financial statements that look like this or balance sheets that look like this.


0:55-1:25 These tools allow you to do quick changes and what-if analysis. For example, let's change the month from May 2019 to November 2018, and of course, any decent financial statement report writer should come with interactive drill down capabilities. The top section shows us the breakdown of an amount on the financial statement, and as we click on any one of these accounts, the bottom section shows us the individual transactions posted during that period to the account.


1:25-1:39 As you can see, Blue Link has a lot of great accounting reports available as part of our ERP solution.