Sales Reports

Learn about sales reports and dashboards in Blue Link, including Top Inventory Sales by Value, Sales by Customer by Product and more.


0:00-0:25 When it come to sales reports and sales dashboards, Blue Link has robust reporting features to help your business. We have many basic built-in reports such as top inventory sales showcasing our best selling items by dollars and quantity to detailed sales reports by customer, by product, sales by category, at a summary level or at a detailed level.

0:25-0:40 Built in reports give you a lot of reporting flexibility out-of-the-box, but that's not all. Blue Link also has dashboards with drill down capabilities showing a variety of different pieces of information on the same screen.

0:40-1:05 You can also report on sales and gross margins by customer looking at current year in comparison to the previous year. We also have exception reports like sales price overrides, which are useful reports to have automatically emailed to you, which you can set-up on your own. Other useful reports such as booked sales reports combined both open sales orders, and posted invoices based on when the order was actually booked, and it shows you different degrees of detail depending on how much detail you want.

1:05-1:25 We also give you the ability to slice and dice your data and your sales information interactively in Excel. So for example, here is an analysis of sales by customer and we can easily add in the element of class into this analysis.

1:25-1:35And finally, for the more adventurous, we have power BI dashboards for reporting that can be quite interactive, allowing you to drill down into more detail.

1:35-1:55 As you can see, there are a lot of really great sales reports available in Blue Link ERP software. And remember that you can restrict who has access to these reports based on permission settings.