SQL Server Reporting Overview

In this video, learn how to use the robust SQL Server Reporting Tool that allows you to create rich dashboards and drill down into specific reports. You are able to modify or customize a report to fit your specific business needs and it gives you in-depth insight so you can make better business decisions.


0:00 - 0:22 SQL Server Reporting Services, also known as SQL reports, are available to every Blue link user at no extra costs. It's a powerful and flexible reporting tool that is accessed through a web browser, and it doesn't need any extra special software to use.

0:23 - 0:37  SQO Reports are organized into folders and optionally subfolders and a single click gets you to where you need to be. Once you have the reports home page on the screen, it's a simple matter of clicking on a specific report to get that report displayed on the screen. 

0:38 - 0:47 There reports are displayed on screen by default, but can be printed and optionally exported into formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and others.

0:47 - 1:00 A single SQL report can combine information from multiple different sources and can do so over multiple pages. With a mix of graphics, tabular information and traditional reporting type of data.

1:01 - 1:23 Each folder and within each folder each sub folder can have separate security restrictions determining which users can view which reports. Additionally, SQL reports facilitate the creation of rich dashboards combining multiple different areas of the business and with the ability to drill down or drill through into more detailed information underlining any particular graphic.

1:24 - 1:54  And finally, any user could subscribe, self subscribe, or be subscribed by someone else to automatically receive any report, or any combination of reports on any specific schedule by simply adding a subscription, adding the appropriate email addresses to which the report will be delivered, and you can include multiple recipients. You can then edit the schedule to account for the frequency and time of date, the report should run and it will automatically be sent to your mailbox and that's the very powerful SQL reporting tool. Thanks for Watching.