eCommerce Integration – Shopify Example

Blue Link’s API facilitates complete two-way integration with 3rdp party applications and B2C eCommerce webstores and marketplaces such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Amazon.


0:00-0:20 This brief video demonstrates how real order placed on a Shopify website. For one of Blue Link's customers, ECS coffee flows automatically from Shopify to Blue Link and then back again using integration provided by VL Omni.


0:20-0:50 To start, let's browse the ECS coffees website and by adding an item to our cart and then checking out. Here you can see the order review screen and in Blue Link updated with the new order. Let's drill down on that order. Notice that the Shopify Order number appears in the purchase order field for easy cross reference. On the order detail tab you can see the product quantity and price exactly match that order and placed online. Finally, notice that the payment information was also transferred to this order, avoiding the need for the end user to manually record the payment.


0:50-1:05 Shipping the order is easy. Once scanned to bring up the order on screen, an additional scan of the product packs it to a container. Blue Link integrates with various shipping software. In this case, a single scan of the order number pulls the shipping address into FedEx, and by clicking ship in FedEx it returns the tracking information to Blue Link.


1:05-1:20 Returning to Blue Link, notice that the FedEx tracking number was automatically added to the container shipping the order and in Blue Link changes the order status, allowing the via Omni integration to close the order in Shopify and update the tracking information online.


1:20-1:30 And that's it. The only time a person had to interact with the system was to actually pick and ship the order. All other aspects were completely automated by the various system integrations.