Pharma ERP – Overview

Learn more about Blue Link’s Pharma ERP to help maintain compliance with the DSCSA, DEA and other regulatory bodies.


0:00 – 0:13 Blue Link provides all-in-one Pharmaceutical ERP software developed for small to medium sized Pharmaceutical wholesale distributors.

0:14 – 0:40 The pharmaceutical features included in the system helps wholesale distribution businesses comply with FDA and DSCSA regulations. This pharmaceutical functionality includes controlled substance management, NDC and GTIN Identification, License expiry management, transaction history with T3 reporting, suspicious order monitoring, ARCOS reporting, short-dated lot management and saleable returns management.

0:41 – 1:03 Blue Link also includes an optional online order portal where your customers can place sales orders and print transaction reports. This online order portal includes a controlled substance ordering system, otherwise known as CSOS, that is certified by the DEA for those distributors who want to eliminate the need for DEA form 222 when selling schedules.

1:04 – 1:24 In addition to pharmaceutical features, Blue Link also includes core ERP functionalities such as inventory management, accounting including AR, AP, General Ledger, Bank management, multiple currencies, sales and purchase orders, contact management, advanced pricing rules, warehouse shipping, advanced reporting and more.

1:25 – 1:53 When you first log into Blue Link you will be able to see applicable dashboards based on the information that is most important to your company. When creating a customer in Blue Link you are also able to enter ship-to information and applicable licensed for each ship-to. The software will then look at this information to determine and ensure a sales order can't be processed if the customer does not have a valid license. You can also store copies of each license or applicable documents as files in the system.

1:54 – 2:20 The inventory control screen allows you to enter the applicable information for each product, including NDC, GTIN and other descriptive information about the product. In the vendor screen, multiple vendors for the product can be entered along with their associated price, as long as the NDC number is the same. Here you can associate a picture to each product that can then be seen in other panels throughout the system.

2:21 – 2:38 The drug tab allows you to associate the specific schedule, including over the counter association of each product for each state you are selling into. This information is then used to automatically determine if a customer has an applicable license to acquire a specific product.

2:39 – 3:28 All available lots for specific product along with their lot number and expiration are shown in the lot inquiry screen. The sales order entry menu allows you to create a sales order for your customer. You can see in this example that both the federal and state license for this customer have expired. These items are highlighted in red to bring to the attention of the employee entering the order. Each time the ship to is selected, the applicable ship two licenses will be shown. There are a number of ways to add products to a sales order, including entering the product code directly into the applicable field. Notice the system will narrow your search as you enter the code. If you try to enter a product that requires a valid license, the system will automatically reject the request and a pop-up message indicating that the customer does not have a sufficient license will appear.

3:29 – 3:49 The product then cannot be added to the order until an active license is entered into the system. Other ways to enter product into a sales order is using a quick inventory lookup screen sales history and short dated item screen. Blue Link has built in suspicious order monitoring that can be configured to your business needs.

3:50 – 4:02 The transaction report provides all the information needed for your customer. It can be printed to hardcopy, automatically emailed or accessed through the Blue Link Online order portal.