Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM)

Learn more about Blue Link’s Pharma ERP software with specific functionality for managing Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM).


0:00 – 0:18 Since 1971 the DEA has required manufacturers distributors and dispensers of controlled substances to design and operate a system that will monitor sales orders for suspicious patterns but what exactly is considered as suspicious order?

0:19 – 0:28 According to the DEA, a suspicious order is any order that is unusual in size, substantially deviates from normal order pattern, or an order of unusual frequency.

0:29 – 0:56 To help manage suspicious order monitoring Blue Link provides SOM functionality as part of our all-in-one pharmaceutical ERP solution. Our SOM system is completely configurable and monitors for suspicious orders in a number of areas throughout the system once your business has set up and activated the parameters for SOM Blue Link will automatically monitor each line entered into a sales order to determine if it meets the DEA suspicious criteria.

0:57 – 1:11 If an order is created with product that is considered suspicious Blue Link will automatically flag the order and prevent the system from processing it. To get more information on why the order is flagged you can simply navigate to the suspicious order lookup screen to get more details.

1:12 – 1:18 If you want to learn more about Blue Link and our pharmaceutical ERP Software with SOM functionality, give us a call today!