Tools for Automation & RPA

Learn more about how automating processes using RPA tools that can help your business become more efficient.


0:00-0:15 Let's take a look at how we can use various different techniques to automate processes and this, of course, is all in the context of companies using the ERP system, such as Blue Link ERP.


0:15-0:30 In this video, we'll take a quick look at exception reports, internal automation tools in Blue Link ERP, RPA, and we'll also look at the tools involved in creating these functions.


0:30-1:00 Exception reports can draw your attention to the things that you need to know about, be aware of, or take action on without polluting the information with all the sales orders or invoices or other transactions that are routine and do not need attention. There's an example of gross margin exception reports, here are some price override reports. Most importantly, with these reports they can be automatically delivered to you via e-mail at the appropriate time and the appropriate interval, that you don't have to remember to look for this information, and you can act on a time basis.


1:00-1:10 But let's avoid spam, let's combine multiple pieces of information or just single exception reports. Instead of getting multiple exception emails per day, we just get one with all the information we need to deal with or look into.


1:10-1:40 Now, within Blue Link ERP, the automated routines manager ARM can automate both the delivery of emails and the modification of the actual data. For example, this manual operation of releasing an order for picking could be completely automated using the ARM, but furthermore you could use tools like the arm to do things like for example, cleaning up backorders for products where we realize that we are no longer going to be receiving any inbound inventory. So we're never going to be able to fill those backorders instead of relying on users doing it manually.


1:40-1:50 Now the broader context of RPA, we use a third party tool to pull down exchange rates on a daily basis and update multiple hosted customers data at the same time completely automated.


1:50-2:15 So let's take a quick look at the tools that are involved in the Exception Reports, Internal Automation, Cross platform Robotic Process Automation. We have mentioned in the Exception reports, SQL Server reporting services, the tool we use, the Blue Link ARM, we've discussed and here are some examples of third party cross-platform RPA tools that are quite widely or commonly used. There are many, many more, so let's stop doing things manually.