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eCommerce and ERP Software Integration
Blue Link offers a whole lot more than just inventory management and accounting. Our robust ERP software can also be fully integrated with an eCommerce webstore. Blue Link has pre-built ERP eCommerce integration with a variety of eCommerce platforms including Magento, as well as the ability to integrate with many other popular platforms. For businesses looking for a B2B eCommerce solution, Blue Link has developed a proprietary Online Order Portal for easy B2B transactions.

Finally, one system to take care of everything.

Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce

Blue Link offers its own proprietary B2B eCommerce offering available as an online ordering system. This online ordering system (or customer portal) can be customized to include company graphics and colours and dynamically integrates with our ERP software allowing customers to log-in, view inventory with customer-specific pricing, and place orders. Learn more about specific B2B eCommerce functionality. 

Getting Started with eCommerce and ERP Integration Guide

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) eCommerce

Blue Link also offers B2C Web Services for B2C eCommerce integration. These web services facilitate two-way integration with B2C eCommerce webstores such as Magento and serve as a full two-way integration. This allows for up-to-the-minute-live updates between Blue Link’s ERP software and webstores including inventory, orders, shipments and payments. This integration is pre-built plug-and-play when dealing with Magento.

Examples of some other eCommerce platforms supported:
Shopify, Shopatron, Bigcommerce, XCart, Volusion, and more.

The Importance of Integration

Where eCommerce is Headed

Benefits from an Integrated eCommerce System

Integrate ERP Software and eCommerce

Integrate Business Channels

Integrate business channels. Phone orders, web orders, retail sales etc. all accounted for in the same system.

eCommerce Webstore Shopping Cart

Credit Card Processing

Painless and secure credit card processing

eCommerce Webstore Shopping Cart

Automated Shipping Comparison

Always ship via the cheapest carrier/method. Available as a separate add-on.

eCommerce Webstore Shopping Cart

Dramatically Increase Order Volume

If you are not already selling online, you are missing a huge piece of the pie.

Ensure Visibility

Product Visibility

Increase the ease with which your customers can find, view and purchase your products.

Integrate ERP Software and eCommerce

Secure Transactions

Credit card or otherwise, ensure your customers are always protected.

eCommerce Marketing Services

Marketing Services

eCommerce Search Engine optimization, marketing, and conversion optimization to ensure you are easily found online.

An eCommerce and ERP Integration Story

Featuring Ben Burmaster from Snuggle Bugz – Canada’s Baby Store

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eCommerce ERP Integration Guide

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