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Blue Link Inventory and Accounting Reporting and Analytics

ERP Reporting
Blue Link provides robust reporting functionality to enable real time visibility into the status of accounts, orders, inventory and sales.  With Blue Link reporting and analytics, users can pull information from different areas of the software to customize virtually any report customers or management may want.

Depending on the nature of the information required, reports can be automatically sent to specific individuals based on certain criteria in the system or timeframes previously identified.  Users have the ability to choose from over 100 pre-made reports, or can be trained to customize their own.

Reporting Features:

  • Completely customizable report creation
  • Ability to leverage data already entered into Blue Link in order to generate a report, render it a PDF, create an email, put your message in the email and send it to all appropriate stakeholders – automatically
  • Ability to write back to your ERP, add a new record to your notes or simply update a field, changing a status
  • Ability to create a report based on data within the system which can then be updated on an automatic basis for real-time insight into business health
  • Fax message/report to customer through your email automatically
  • Live link Blue Link data to Excel to easily create reports and pivot tables with the ability to automatically refresh data every time the report is accessed

Sample Business Reports

Profit by Customer ReportProfit By Customer/Product
Sales By Customer by Product ReportSales By Customer by Product
Sale by Date ReportSale by Date
Top Inventory Sales by UnitTop Inventory Sales by Unit
Vendor/Customer Payment History ReportVendor/Customer Payment History
Inventory Slow Moving Items ReportInventory Slow Moving Items
Profit by Product ReportAccounting Transaction Audit Trail Reports
More ReportsPlus over 100 more available out-of-the-box!

 Reporting Tools: 

Blue Link currently supports a variety of reporting tools depending on the nature of the report required. These tools include: SQL-Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Excel, ARM, Spreadsheet Server and Power BI. Using the above tools, Blue Link customers can generate any report/chart in any format using information from within Blue Link or other applications.

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