Mobile Sales Application

Mobile Sales Application for Reps, Tradeshows & Showrooms

RepZio – an iPad/iPhone Sales App integrated with Blue Link

Empower your Sales Reps with RepZio

Empower Your Sales Reps

Blue Link is excited to offer integration with RepZio, a gorgeous new iPad/iPhone app for remote order entry, tradeshows and showrooms!

RepZio allows sales reps to showcase products and place orders in the field – online and offline. RepZio is great for tradeshows as well as on-site customer visits or showroom floors. Below are some of the highlight features.

Sales App Features

Sales App Features:

  • RepZio is fully integrated with Blue Link ERP software which allows your business to:
    • Sync orders between applications
    • Sync product details, pricing and photos
    • Sync client information
  • Available for use as an iPhone/iPad app
  • Works online and offline
  • Ability to look-up customer sales history
  • Ability to look-up product multiple ways including by category, by scanning product barcodes or by browsing product catalogues
  • Can specify “alternate” or “similar” products
Blue Link ERP User Interface

Fully Integrated with Blue Link ERP

RepZio is fully integrated with Blue Link’s back-end inventory and accounting ERP system for easy order taking on the road.  Blue Link syncs with RepZio in real-time when connected to the internet so that inventory information is always up-to-date and order details accurate. Once an order is placed through the app the inventory is allocated in Blue Link ERP for picking, packing and shipping, and a sales order is created for further processing. This tool gives sales reps more ownership of order taking while still providing the benefits of a personalized sales approach and reduces the amount of data entry and administrative work when back in the office.

Learn More About RepZio

RepZio is a great fit for a variety of industries including wine, fashion, furniture, jewellery, hair products, cosmetics and many others. Any business that would benefit from a visually appealing representation of their products can benefit from RepZio — particularly businesses that attend tradeshows, have a showroom, or use remote sales reps.

RepZio Demo Video

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Blue Link Testimonial

The most impressive part about Blue Link is not the software (more on that in a bit), but the people. When we did our due diligence in searching for a new accounting system, we narrowed our search down to three different providers. Each offered, for the most part, the same type of software and features that my company needed. What set Blue Link apart from the other two was the level of engagement we received from our initial phone call. We immediately felt at home and had not just the right software, but the right partner to grow our business. That partnership remains even stronger today.

As to the software, the ERP interface is perfect for our wholesale distribution company. From tracking inbound ocean containers to automated reporting, Blue Link saves us both time and money. One area that has really stood out for our organization is the level of customization we have been able to implement over the past 24 months that has really helped us streamline our operations. This level of customization would not be possible without the partnership we have been able to build over the past few years.

Michael Ricks
Furniture Classics