Extensive Data Migration Services

Blue Link provides extensive data migration services in order to bring over historical data from old systems and other file types during the software implementation process. These services are performed by our knowledgeable team of consultants who have experience migrating data from a variety of introductory and legacy systems. With Blue Link’s data migration services, you are not required to manually key any information from your existing solution or other spreadsheets into the system.

ERP Software Implementation Guide

At Blue Link we handle the entire data migration process to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information for Go-Live while reducing downtime and set up.

Blue Link’s Data Migration Process:

Step (1) Initial Data Analysis: The first step in Blue Link’s data migration process is an initial data analysis and discussion with your team to assess the best approach for migration – what data needs to be moved, where is the data stored etc.

Step (2) Accessing Data: The second step involves our team of knowledgeable consultants working with you and your team to actually access the raw data to begin the migration process.

Step (3) Data Migration: The next step is for our team to run and complete the data migration process.

Step (4) Data Validation Process: The last step is the data validation process, which includes checking that totals match for all sub-ledgers, and spot checking that individual customers, vendors etc. have the right balance. Once we have verified that the data is accurate, we will move your data again right before Go-Live to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date data while reducing downtime and set up.

Blue Link has migrated data from hundreds of different pieces of software and across multiple operating systems. Whether its introductory software, legacy ERP, spreadsheets or other applications, Blue Link consultants can work with you and your current systems to extract the data.

PACART Customer“To confirm, last week‘s migration experience in Montréal well exceeded our expectations. Special THANK YOU to Joanne and Monique for the roles you played in setting this up internally and the initial preparation. Kudos to Monique for volunteering to go to Montréal. I would still be out there working if it was not for your expertise, calmness and guidance. Congratulations to you Darren as well, the migration from Dynacom went very smoothly and THANK YOU for navigating through the rough spots with PAQ and their techs. Mr. Canes – you have a remarkable team and the product just keeps getting better.”

– Mark Starling, Managing Director, PACART

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