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ERP Shopify Integration for Toothpick Distributor


Daneson is a distributor of high-quality flavored toothpicks operating out of Ontario, Canada. In order to flavor the toothpicks, Daneson hand steeps in only premium natural ingredients such as essential oils, single malt scotch, straight Kentucky Bourbon and Cinnamon. The company remains small with only 3 employees and 12 SKU’s but continues to grow by selling their products in North America, Asia and Europe. Currently, they sell to other businesses as well as directly to consumers via their Shopify website. Daneson also takes orders over the phone and through email.

Daneson is all about quality. They only use American northern white birch and with every tree that they mill, they plant 100 in its place understanding the simplicity of giving more than you take. They source ethical and earth-friendly manufacturers and only work with independent family-owned suppliers.

The company struggled to find a software that had the tools they needed to facilitate growth. As a small business, they were sometimes overlooked, and implementations were taking longer than expected. The company looked at 6-7 software systems that did not fit their needs.

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Daneson Shopify Integration Challenge for inventory management


The biggest challenge that Daneson faced was the inability for ERP Shopify integration which connects Shopify to the back-end of the business. As a Canadian company, Daneson explored the options of warehousing and shipping right out of Canada but found it would be too costly. Because of this, it was decided that the company would use a third-party logistics (3PL) partner to house and ship inventory. The 3PL is located in North Carolina, USA and the Daneson head office is located in Ontario, Canada. This created disconnected communication and wasn’t allowing them to scale like they had planned.

Their current system also did not provide certain functionalities the company needed to eliminate manual processes. These functionalities included:

  • Providing information on what should be purchased
  • The ability to generate purchase orders for products needing to be ordered
  • Indication for when inventory drops below minimum inventory level
ERP Software Solution


Even though Daneson has had poor experiences with other software, Owner Peter Smith, was determined to find the right company that not only provided the features required but also provided services that would assist company growth. Peter found Blue Link and after first discussions the two companies agreed that Blue Link did in fact have the functionality Daneson would need to scale their business.

ERP Shopify Integration Powered by VL Omni
With integration from Blue Link partner VL Omni, as soon as a web order comes in off Shopify, it is populated into Daneson’s Blue Link ERP system. This ensures that inventory is updated regularly with Daneson’s Shopify website to reflect the sale. The order then shows as an open sales order in Blue Link as part of a list. After checking the order to make sure it’s been paid and the order is correct, it is as simple as one click of a button to send the order to the 3PL. The order then shows up at the 3PL in North Carolina where they print it out, pick the product, pack it, weigh it, and print the postage. As soon as the postage in printed, the order is immediately marked as shipped. The cost of the postage is then transferred to Blue Link – and the order gets marked as shipped and posted. As all this happens in the background, their front-end Shopify website automatically populates, so the customer always sees real-time inventory levels.

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Daneson loves using Blue Link ERP


Blue Link is designed for small to medium size distributors exactly like Daneson. The company expressed their previous struggles with other software providers and Blue Link was able to provide the functionality needed for Daneson on top of high-level client service and support that gives the company assurance in their provider. Daneson is confident that any ticket they submit to Blue Link’s Help Desk will be taken care of in a timely manner and will be treated with the same level of support as any other client. Having good customer service was important to Daneson when searching for ERP Software.

With the integration VL Omni provides between Blue Link, Shopify and Daneson’s 3PL, the company now has access to real time inventory and data so they can continue to grow and provide high quality toothpicks to their clients around the world.

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If you’re looking for an ERP what you’re really looking for is a company to partner with and with Blue Link you’re in luck. Blue Link is designed such that we have yet to find a something they cannot do. Add to this their excellent people and you have a winning recipe.

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Peter Smith
CEO, Daneson