Hosted (Cloud) & On-Premises (In-House)

Blue Link’s ERP Deployment Methods

We Offer Both

Blue Link offers both Hosted (Cloud-based) and On-Premises deployment methods for our inventory management and accounting ERP software. There are many differences between our on-premises and hosted/cloud software including up-front costs, hardware requirements, and pricing structures. To learn more about each option click the images below.

Cloud SaaS vs. On-Premises Software Cost Comparison

Compare Hosted/Cloud-based & On-Premises

Cloud-based/Hosted Software

Often used interchangeably with the term SaaS (software-as-a-service), and hosted, Blue Link’s cloud software is a deployment method whereby a customer accesses the software solution off-premises via the internet through an RDP connection. With Blue Link’s cloud-based solution, customers pay an on-going monthly fee to access the system and then we take care of hosting the software and maintaining hardware, backups and upgrades. With cloud-based solutions, no hardware purchases are required by your business.

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On-Premises Based Software

Blue Link’s on-premises installation is a one-time software license purchase that requires an up-to-date server environment which may result in required hardware purchases.  With Blue Link’s on-premises installation, our team installs the software in-house on your company’s server, and hardware purchases may be required if you do not already have the necessary equipment.

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Continental Cosmetics

“2 years ago, we had a major issue where our computer server went down and we were unable to get most of those files back. Blue Link allowed us to host our information and our system on their server in their office. For 2 months we had constant support from the Blue Link team to ensure that we could continue to run our business.”

– Jake Vella, General Manager

Cloud-based/Hosted & On-Premises Software Resources

Still Don’t Trust the Cloud?

Software hosted through the cloud is continuing to gain in popularity, but can you trust that your data will be safe and secure? Educate yourself on what it really means to have your business data stored in the cloud, how to access the software remotely and if hosted software is the best solution for your business.

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Moving from Legacy On-Premises ERP to Cloud-Based ERP

Thinking about making the switch from legacy on-premises ERP to a cloud-based/hosted solution? Cloud software can represent new opportunities for your businesses, however, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before making the switch.

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Hosted and On-Premises Software: Total Cost of Ownership

To determine the best software implementation for your business, you must compare the total cost of ownership of hosted and on-premises implementations. To get a true estimate of costs, we recommend comparing over a 3 and 5 year period.

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Choose Which Methods Works Best – For YOUR Business

At Blue Link we have experience with customers implementing our ERP solution as a cloud-based/hosted implementation and as an on-premises based implementation.  We understand that each business has unique needs and will help your business make the right decision about which implementation method is best for your company. Whether you implement our cloud-based or on-premises solution, Blue Link customers are able to switch easily from one method to the other at any point in time. As your business operations evolve so do your needs, and with Blue Link you always have options.

Cloud-based vs. On-Premises Whitepaper