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Medical Inventory Software for Distribution

Blue Link offers robust accounting and inventory software as an integrated ERP software system, designed for wholesalers and distributors. Blue Link’s pharmaceutical and medical inventory software caters particularly well to both medical and pharmaceutical distributors / wholesalers requiring advanced inventory management and traceability. Key features for the medical and pharmaceutical industry include: lot tracking (traceability), EDI integration, and landed cost tracking. These features work together to automate/grow your business, increase transparency, and aid in FDA / ISO compliance.

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Advanced Medical & Pharmaceutical Distribution Software Features

DEA and State License Expiry Date Management Identifies within the system type of license, state, license number, expiry date, and allowable drug schedule for each customer. Allows user to generate reports with information on licenses that are approaching expiry. Interfaced with Web Venture (if acquired).
Customer SKU ClassificationAbility to restrict type and quantity of controlled drugs that can be sold to specific customers. Alerts users when customers exceed their quantity limits at the order level. Addition of detailed information on specific sales orders such as ratio calculations of controlled vs. non-controlled drug sales. Automatically generate ARCOS reports.
NDC# Association of ProductAbility to associate NDC# in inventory. Printing of NDC# on various documentation including printed labels and Pedigree documents.
Pedigree ManagementAutomatic Pedigree information stored to one level back. Ability to enter Pedigree information for additional levels. Automatically print or email Pedigree documents.

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Blue Link’s software is a great fit for wholesalers and distributors in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, specifically because of our robust and cost-effective traceability. With Blue Link, you receive a fully-integrated system with lot tracking at a competitive price.

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