Cautionary Tale for non-VAWD Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors – OptumRx Revokes Extensions

VAWD Accreditation with Blue Link Pharmaceutical ERP

Many people do not know that the prescription drugs in their medicine cabinets have quite the tale to tell.  Its’ story ends with them, the consumer, a regular Joe going in to fill a prescription at a local pharmacy. The beginning of the tale? Well, that’s slightly more complicated. You know as a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor … Read more

Accelerate VAWD Accreditation with Pharmaceutical ERP Software

VAWD pharmaceutical software

Most pharmaceutical distribution wholesalers are familiar with the Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) program and know that attaining the accreditation is no easy feat without the proper software.  It is an extensive and complex process that can take over six months to complete, so why go through the hassle to get the accreditation? VAWD is more than … Read more