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What is Inventory and Accounting (ERP) Software?

What is ERP?

Is ERP Right For Your Needs?

Common ERP Software Misconceptions (and the Truth Behind the Myths)

Uncover the truth behind some of the most commonly heard ERP implementation, cost and process myths in the business world and make the right software decision for your business.

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Your Complete Guide to Replacing QuickBooks with more Advanced Software

Is it time to breakup with QuickBooks?  Learn how and why you should replace introductory software with a more sophisticated all-in-one solution in order to grow your business.

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11 Undeniable Reasons Your Business Needs New Software

From lack of inventory and accounting functionality to manual and outdated processes, there are numerous reasons to consider switching to new software to grow your business.

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How Software Can Help You Grow Your Business

Learn about your options for managing growing pains such as system crashes, manual work and managing multiple systems.  Learn how software can take your business to the next level!

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Hiring an Employee vs. Purchasing Software – A Comparison

There are two major ways to handle an increase in order volume- hire additional staff or invest in ERP software. Download this resource to determine which option makes sense for your business. 

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Top Inventory Management Techniques That Will Save You Money

Learn how to better manage your inventory by changing processes and implementing proper inventory management software. Topics include: drop shipping, lot tracking, cycle counting, barcode scanning and more.

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What is Landed Cost Tracking and How Does it Impact Your Bottom Line

Typical landed costs include freight, duties, handling fees, and other charges that, if ignored, would distort the cost of the product being sold.  Learn about the new breed of software systems that are evolving to provide business owners with greater control over how landed costs are applied.

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How to Improve Inventory Visibility with Lot Tracking/Traceability

Learn how to automate product traceability to save time and reduce manual work, better handle recalls, increase the accuracy of picking orders and to meet compliance requirements.

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What is EDI?

Oftentimes, large companies require their suppliers to follow EDI standards. Explore how EDI works and how it can open the doors for your company to do business with these larger companies.

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Map Out Your Software Search

Blue Link’s 2017 Software Buying Guide

From choosing the right software tier to comparing vendors, to understanding costs – learn the steps involved to transition from introductory (or legacy) software successfully!

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6 Critical Factors for Evaluating ERP Software Vendors

This guide contains important questions that all businesses should ask software vendors in order to compare products, a handy list of criteria for evaluating vendors and other methods for gathering critical information to make the best decision for your business.

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How Much Does Inventory and Accounting ERP Software Cost?

What should you except an ERP system to cost? An in-depth look into different software pricing tiers, features, and functionality that influence costs, a real-world example of what costs to expect and how to implement ERP software on a budget.

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Insider Tips to Save Time and Money Buying Software

Overwhelmed by the number of software options on the market? Follow this reader-friendly 10-step process to simplify your software selection process.

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Evaluate Your Options

Whats the Difference Between Cloud-Based (SaaS) and On-Premises Software?

How do you choose a deployment method? Explore both SaaS (cloud-based) and on-premises methods, their implications on a business and the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision.

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Cloud-Based vs. On-Premises Software – Cost Comparison

Before you invest in ERP software, make sure you understand your business needs when it comes to deployment methods. Compare the costs of a cloud-based solution with the costs of an on-premises solution to make the right choice for your business.

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Look for Industry Specific Functionality

Your Complete Guide to Buying Apparel Inventory Software

If your business works with clothing, shoes, sporting goods, and similar products, you need advanced software functionality such as a product matrix, landed cost tracking, inventory management etc. to handle the inherent complications of dealing with large numbers of products that are similar, with different variables.

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Foolproof Guide to Finding the Right Pharmaceutical Distribution Software

As a pharmaceutical company, the products you sell are controlled under a number of legislations, and it is imperative to abide by these rules in your distribution processes.  In order to comply with regulations and keep customers happy, consider investing in a strong back-end ERP system with pharmaceutical specific features.  

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Complete Guide to Pharmaceutical CSOS Software

This guide provides information on finding an inventory and accounting ERP solution with CSOS and other pharmaceutical specific functionality to manage your distribution business. 

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How to Find the Right Software For Your Event Catering Company

From automated menu creation, pick-up slips, revision control and consolidated invoices- simplify your business processes with robust event catering software. 

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Optimize Business Growth

Software Tools to Help Your Sales Team Get More Customers

Your sales team is as only as good as the tools they have to work with! This resource covers functionality for everything from CRM, order placement, reporting etc. to help salespeople better manage their processes, sell more product and keep customers happy. 

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eBook: Better Reporting and Analytics with ERP Software

Gain knowledge of key reports that can be created from a robust ERP solution such as profit and loss statements and exception and inventory management reporting to improve the visibility of your business.

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How to Manage Online Sales with the Right Inventory and Accounting Software

This guide explores quick steps for starting an eCommerce site such as cost considerations, a comparison of the different platform vendors and integrating eCommerce with your back-end ERP system in order to manage orders and inventory.

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Using Business Intelligence Tools for Data-Driven Decision Decision Making

Learn how key ERP tools such as report writers, built-in reports, dashboards, analytics and other functionality can be used to measure organizational performance that leads to better decision-making for your business.

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What’s Involved in the Software Implementation Process? 

Understanding what is included in a software implementation and how costs are allocated can have a large impact on your final choice. Things to consider include timeframe, configuration, data migration and employee training.

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