Blue Link and Shopify eCommerce Integration

Did you know that Blue Link supports Shopify eCommerce integration? Well, thanks to our partner VL OMNI, we do! The following is a brief walkthrough of how a real order placed on a Shopify website for one of Blue Link’s customers ECS Coffee, flows automatically from Shopify to Blue Link, and then back again using integration provided by VL OMNI.

We want to start off by browsing to ECS Coffee’s website, and by adding an item to our cart and then checking out. This is a simple process that has been done by many, if not all of you, dozens of times before on many different websites. After we have completed that step, we get to take an inside look behind the scenes at Blue Link's software.

Step One: Enter order through online eCommerce store. In this example, through ECS Coffee's Shopify site. 



Step Two: Review the order in Blue Link after the information automatically populates from the Shopify Store. 

Inside Blue Link, the order review screen has been updated with the new order that was just placed. By drilling down into the order, you will notice that the Shopify order number appears in the purchase order field for easy cross-reference. Plus, on the order details tab, you can see the product quantity and price exactly match the order placed online, which is extremely useful as you don't have to go back and forth and worry about pasting in multiple numbers in different fields and possibly creating an error. We like to keep things simple, so simple that we even transfer over the payment information for you. Depending on how you have the system set-up, orders that meet certain criteria will automatically get sent to the warehouse for picking, packing and shipping. Alternatively, someone from your team can review orders from all sales channels from Blue Link's sales order review screen. 


Step Three: Pick, pack and ship the order. 

Next step is shipping, and shipping the order in Blue Link is extremely easy. Using barcode scanning tools, after you have picked the product, one scan of the barcode brings up the order on screen, and an additional scan of the product packs it into a container. Blue Link integrates with various shipping software, and in this case a single scan of the order number pulls the shipping address into FedEx  - and by clicking ‘Ship’ in FedEx, it returns the tracking information to Blue Link.


Step Four: Automatically update all systems and notify the customer that the order has shipped. 

Shipping the order in Blue Link changes the order status, allowing the VL OMNI integration to work behind the scenes, close the order in Shopify and update the tracking information online for the customer to see. That’s it! With full eCommerce integration between Blue Link and your eCommerce site, the only time a person had to interact with the system was to physically pick and ship the order. All other aspects were completely automated by the various system integrations.



Step Five: Watch this video to see how the above eCommerce integration looks in action!

Not only does Blue Link integrate with Shopify, but with the help of VL OMNI's integration tools, you can integrate Blue Link ERP with various other eCommerce sites as well as marketplaces such as Amazon.