Data Centre Features – Your Data is Safe with Blue Link

Cloud-based/Hosted Deployment

With Blue Link’s cloud-based/hosted implementation, the software is implemented and managed on dedicated Blue Link servers, with data being accessed and managed via the cloud (over the internet). Clients access the system off premises via the internet through an RDP connection and pay an on-going monthly fee to Blue Link.  With this method, hosting the software and maintaining hardware, backups and upgrades is the responsibility of Blue Link and so no hardware purchases are required by your business. Maintenance fees for upgrades and warranty are included in monthly fees.

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Our Secure Data Centre

Blue Link’s equipment resides at a facility designed to Tier III data centre standards, located in Mississauga, ON. The flagship facility is purpose built and equipped with 2N power, cooling and connectivity infrastructure and an indoor generator facility located off-site for added redundancy, providing high levels of reliability and support.

The data centre and Blue Link’s server setup employ the latest and greatest in hosting technology and gives customers peace of mind that their data is safe. Blue Link’s disaster recovery plan includes managing data from multiple physical site locations with extensive backup power. In the event of a blackout, the data centre has two times the generation capacity required to run the entire building – so even if one set of generators fail the other set can still run everything.

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Data Centre Hosted Software
Accu-Flo Customer

“Darren and his team, first remotely and then over a week on-site achieved a near “flawless” conversion to their Blue Link Elite ERP platform and had us working in the new system almost immediately. This was an incredible feat only made possible through experience and knowledge, both of which I can attest they have an abundance of.”

– Ross Lemire, VP Operations/Partner

Data Centre Features


  • Up to 4.8 MW total power available with full redundancy
  • Clean power supplied by double conversion UPS
  • 2N backup power infrastructure, from two municipal diverse hydro substations dedicated to the complex
  • Redundant A/B power pre-configured in every cabinet
  • Automatic fail-overs
Cooling Systems:

  • Raised floor warm aisle, cold aisle configuration
  • 2N cooling infrastructure

Fire Suppression:

  • FM-200 pre-action fire suppression system
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
  • Complex outfitted with proper fire and smoke alarm system

  • Multi-factor access authentication
  • 24/7 video monitoring and manned security
  • 24/7 monitoring by Network Operations Centre
  • Security professional at the complex main entrance
  • Secure loading dock area

Disaster Recover:

  • In the event of a disaster at the East Coast Data Center, Blue Link has procedures in place to fail over to a different data center located on the West Coast
  • Disaster recovery time (RTO) is 2-4 hours, with a recovery point (RPO) of 15 minutes (achieved through continuous replication)

Your Data is Safe with Blue Link

99.9% server up-time (scheduled maintenance with 48 hours notice)
Rendudant power, processors and harddrives
Automatic fail-over - if a server fails, another kicks in immediately
Multiple back-up locations, in the data centre and off-site
Optional Blue Link Database backup to your site available
Backup generators and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
Climate controlled to eliminate overheating
3-level security - BioMetric, PIN code & Access Card - 24/7 Monitoring
State of the art fire detection & suppression systems

As a Blue Link hosted customer you are always in warranty. Any system down issues are prioritized, and the data center is monitored 24/7 by Blue Link and a 3rd party company. Our up-time record over the past 9 years has consistently been better than major cloud providers.