Advanced Accounting Software Features

Proper High-Integrity Accounting with Blue Link ERP Software

Blue Link provides the following Advanced Accounting Software Features:

Trustworthy AccountingOur posting integrity controls prevent your books going out of balance. If any transaction would result in a control account of trial balance out of balance situation, the transaction will not post. This way, even a negligent or malicious 3rd party program or data edit cannot circumvent these controls.
Credit Card Processing & Encrypted Data VaultBlue Link helps businesses achieve PCI Compliance through its encyrpted credit card data vault and also provides a credit card processing gateway for processing transactions.
Multi-Currency Blue Link is fully multi-currency from the ground up.
Multi-CompanyYou can operate multiple companies (on the same server) at no extra cost.
Inter-Company PostingsThe Inter-Company optional component automates the processing of transactions between related companies, auto-balancing the inter-company loan accounts on both sides.
Recurring Entries & Reversing EntriesMakes it easy to account for monthly expenses, amortize annual costs over fiscal months, and handle period end accruals.
Multi-Dimensional General LedgerFacilitates tracking GL transactions in up to 4 dimensions.
Advanced, Dedicated Collection ManagementMakes collecting receivables easy and helps circumvent the most frequent delay tactics employed by overdue accounts.
Flexible, Powerful Sales Tax Management SystemIncludes automated calculation of remittances to multiple sales tax authorities / jurisdictions. Optionally interfaces with online sales tax rate subscription service (US only).
Alternate Vendor PaymentMakes it simple to pay vendors by credit card, yet still track the costs and expenses to the specific individual vendors – whether payment is made up front or after the fact.
Multiple Bank Account ManagementBank reconciliation. Multiple simultaneous payment runs are handled, allowing departmental approval processes, and multiple payment types (including online payments and EFT). Accounts in any currency.
Proper Accrual SystemFor receiving purchases and landed costs, with control accounts and sub-ledgers, and on screen reconciliation with suppliers’ invoices.
Advanced Inventory FeaturesAlso check out our Advanced Inventory Software Features.
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“It encompasses inventory management seamlessly with financial accounting capabilities. Additionally, it helps me clearly see a snapshot of where each of our customers is and allows us to manage them appropriately.”

-Keith Holdan, President, Welgo LLC