The Benefits of Barcode Scanning

Benefits of barcoding in a warehouse

A Conversation with Noel McKeon of Barcoding, Inc. Despite being around for nearly 50 years, there are still some common misconceptions around barcoding systems in warehouse and distribution environments and many companies have yet to take advantage of the many benefits of barcode scanning. There is a lot of power in barcodes – tracking inventory with … Read more

Benefits of ERP: Increased Automation


One of the many benefits of ERP software is increased automation; the ability to complete a task with minimal human intervention – for example, the ability to email a document, update a status, insert a field value, change a record etc. Finding opportunities for automation within your business can have huge implications on your bottom … Read more

Optimize Inventory Management with Wireless Barcode Scanning

Optimize Wireless Barcode Scanning

As a warehouse manager, optimizing warehouse operations is a top priority. This applies to receiving, picking, packing and shipping inventory, as well as maximizing warehouse space, and simplifying tasks for warehouse employees. At a minimum, properly utilizing warehouse space with bin and shelf labelling and location management ensures inventory is easy to find and access … Read more

Preventing Out-Of-Stock Product Through Endless Aisle with ERP Software

Endless Aisles

Brick and click, e-Tailing, S-commerce…retail jargon is everywhere and just when you think you’ve mastered it all, a whole new group of head-scratching terms seems to pop up. As much as you may want to dismiss new lingo and focus on more important parts of your business, here’s why you should pay attention to them. A … Read more

How ERP Software Helps Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes with ERP

When a business first starts to evaluate software as a tool to help manage its processes, it makes sense to look at introductory solutions.  Introductory software is designed to be the first system implemented in a business as an alternative to entirely manual processes. For most businesses, the first software purchase made is in order to … Read more

Cost Benefit Analysis for Business Process Automation

cost benefit analysis - BPA

Having previously discussed the concept of business process automation (“BPA”) and how to identify bottlenecks that BPA can potentially resolve, let’s now turn our attention to the costs of implementing BPA, and the cost versus benefits comparison. The costs will largely depend on your starting point. If you already have a powerful ERP software system in … Read more

Business Process Automation – Identifying Bottlenecks

BPA - identifying bottlenecks

Building on the previous blog post about Business Process Automation (“BPA”), let’s now explore some ideas on how to identify processes that could (or should) be automated, and also how to evaluate the potential benefits of doing so. This is important, because there will be at least some level of cost associated with any BPA implementation, even if … Read more

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Speaking with Software Vendors

So you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your business back-end accounting and inventory management systems to something more modern and sophisticated.  This can be a great opportunity for your business, and having all key stakeholders on board with the change is the first step in getting the system you need.  Other steps in the process … Read more

From Receipt to Invoice: The Importance of Inventory Management Software

inventory management process

The way in which a wholesale/distribution business manages its inventory has a direct and critical impact on its overall success and long term viability. Although this may seem rather obvious, the number of businesses who remain tied to outdated means for inventory management suggest that it’s a more foreign notion than one would imagine. Successful business owners understand … Read more

How Your Entire Company Can Benefit from ERP Software

ERP software for your whole team

All-in-one accounting and inventory software (also known as ERP) is designed to manage way more than just inventory and accounting. ERP software is designed to manage all aspects of a company’s operations and will provide benefits to employees in every department. That is one of the main benefits of switching to ERP: the system will … Read more