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Samantha Hornby is the Director of Marketing at Blue Link Associates. When not working she can be found at the gym, exploring the great outdoors and getting creative with DIY projects.

Using Software to Enhance your Competitive Advantage

There are many benefits to implementing the right ERP solution in your company. Advanced reporting functionality, opportunities for automation, streamlined operations across departments, etc. And if you are moving from mostly manual processes, the benefit[...]
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Introducing Kinex Media – Blue Link’s Partner for Website Development & Management

Blue Link ERP is proud to be adding Kinex Media as an official partner for website development and management. Our team at Blue Link was first introduced to the team at Kinex Media back in 2015 after researching companies to help with our website redesign[...]
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ICYMI: A Recap of the 2020 HDA Traceability Seminar

Last week concluded the 2020 Traceability Seminar, put on by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA).  As a content-rich, information-heavy event, the transition this year to a virtual conference was easy and allowed attendees to participate in ev[...]
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How to Prepare a Budget for ERP Software

If you are in the market for ERP software, it is important to prepare a proper budget before you start engaging with software vendors. However, keep in mind that while budget is an important part of the software search, it should not be the main deciding [...]
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[BREAKING] FDA Delays Enforcement of Saleable Returns Verification until November 27th, 2023.

As of October 2020, the FDA has announced an extension of the delay of enforcement around the verification of saleable returns verification for Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors. This delay is an extension of the original delay detailed in the 2019 Wh[...]
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5 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Software

Last month, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of one of Blue Link’s oldest, active customers. While 25 years might seem like a long time to be using the same ERP software, if you can find a trusted technology partner that can grow with your business, t[...]
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ERP and MRP Systems – What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between ERP and MRP is that MRP software is designed to manage inventory and manufacturing processes, whereas ERP software includes functionality designed to manage all aspects of your business operation. MRP is best for manufacturi[...]
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Order Management Software for Multiple Sales Channels

As a business buying and selling inventory, you likely receive orders from a variety of sales channels. This could include online orders, orders from your retail brick and mortar locations, orders from sales reps in the field and B2B orders from other ret[...]
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The Business Reasons for Using a VPN for Remote Access to Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software (sometimes referred to as hosted or SaaS), is a software deployment method whereby users access the system through the internet. With cloud-based ERP, this means that the software lives on hardware and servers managed by the software [...]
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Holiday Shopping 2020 – Tips for eCommerce Order Management

It seems strange to be discussing the holiday shopping season at the end of August, but if your business depends on holiday shopping sales, you have already started preparing. This has been the case since the rise of online shopping holidays like Black Fr[...]
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