Understanding ERP Feature Lists

Reviewing Feature List

As part of your research into potential ERP systems, it’s important that you understand ERP feature lists. Before you start speaking with potential ERP software vendors, but after you’ve identified and mapped out your business requirements and processes, it is now time to start reviewing features. While many ERP systems will provide the same overall … Read more

How to Efficiently Manage Online and Offline Sales with eCommerce ERP

Manage Online and Offline Sales

eCommerce fulfillment can make or break your online store and is one of the key reasons a business succeeds in the eCommerce space. However, fulfilment is just one part of managing a successful business and eCommerce is frequently only one sales channel of many. As more and more businesses take an omnichannel approach by selling … Read more

Save Time and Money with these 4 Pharmaceutical Distribution System Features

Save Time and Money with Pharma Software

One of the main benefits of implementing business management software is to automate processes, save time and reduce costs. This is true for all business types, including pharmaceutical distribution businesses. However, unlike wholesale distributors that sell widgets, pharmaceutical distributors must deal with the added complexity of detailed reporting, sophisticated product tracking and adhering to the … Read more

Reduce Your Business’ Environmental Impact with ERP Software

Green business

We all know the benefits of an all-in-one ERP solution – automation, streamlined processes, better reporting… but did you know that the right ERP software can also help your business become more environmentally friendly? Not only does ERP help eliminate paper use, but it also helps reduce product spoilage and waste, and better manage your … Read more

Software Maintenance Programs: Blue Link ERP 

Software Maintenance Program

Software maintenance programs refer to regular software updates, modifications, bug fixes, patches and the addition of new features to existing software solutions to increase performance. Depending on the software vendor, these maintenance updates may need to be scheduled between the vendor and your business, or they may happen automatically. A good software maintenance program not … Read more

Do You Need Industry-Specific Software?

Industry-Specific Software

All wholesale and distribution businesses will have similar requirements when it comes to managing inventory, doing accounts payable and receivable, creating sales orders, calculating commissions, invoicing customers and purchasing product. However, even if you’re in the business of buying and selling inventory, there are certain situations where your requirements will be more industry-specific – for … Read more

Manual Processes That Can Be Automated with Blue Link’s ARM

reduce manual processes

ARM stands for Automated Routines Manager and is a propriety Blue Link feature built directly into our ERP software and available to all customers. Although ARM can do many different things, the technology primarily helps customers automate what would otherwise be tedious, manual processes. ARM is a tool to read data, determine when data meets … Read more

Managing Inventory Between Your Distribution Business and 3PL

3PL distribution

Many wholesale and distribution businesses operate without physically touching any inventory, and, instead of managing warehouse space, they pay a 3rd party logistics company (3PL) to handle the receipt, pick, pack and shipping of product on their behalf. In this situation, product from the manufacturer and other vendors ships directly to the 3PL where orders … Read more

How Distributors Can Manage Scheduled Drugs with Software

Scheduled Drugs

One of the biggest challenges for wholesale distribution businesses in the pharmaceutical industry is managing Scheduled Drugs, Limits and Licenses. To help manage these requirements, many small and start-up pharmaceutical wholesale distributors use manual processes and spreadsheets, but this is a very time-consuming process and prone to human error – a serious concern for pharmaceutical businesses … Read more