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Samantha Hornby is the Director of Marketing at Blue Link Associates. When not working she can be found at the gym, exploring the great outdoors and getting creative with DIY projects.

The Business Reasons for Using a VPN for Remote Access to Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software (sometimes referred to as hosted or SaaS), is a software deployment method whereby users access the system through the internet. With cloud-based ERP, this means that the software lives on hardware and servers managed by the software [...]
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Holiday Shopping 2020 – Tips for eCommerce Order Management

It seems strange to be discussing the holiday shopping season at the end of August, but if your business depends on holiday shopping sales, you have already started preparing. This has been the case since the rise of online shopping holidays like Black Fr[...]
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Blue Link ERP Customer Service & Support

It may seem like an obvious question when evaluating software vendors, but asking about ERP customer service, technical support, and Help Desk activities is not as simple as it seems. With technology today, customer service and support activities can come[...]
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Automated CTLS Reporting with Blue Link ERP

As a relatively new industry, the Canadian Cannabis industry has seen several changes over the past couple of years regarding access, licensing, regulations and reporting. However, the importance of inventory management and full seed-to-sale product track[...]
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The Real Cost of On-Premises Software

There was a time when on-premises software was the only option. Starting with the first iterations of the computer and computer software, every business was required to have its own servers, and a mini-army of tech specialists to manage the complicated pr[...]
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Want to Buy Wholesale Software? Here’s How.

You know that you need some sort of system to help manage your wholesale business. Maybe you have a lot of manual processes and are tracking information in spreadsheets. Maybe your inventory is never accurate. Maybe employees are making a lot of errors sh[...]
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Everything You Need to Know About Cycle Counts

If you’re a company that buys and sells inventory, you need to perform inventory counts to track and record all products within your warehouse and available for sale. Manually counting all inventory in your warehouse verifies the number of inventory ite[...]
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DEA Suspicious Order Monitoring with Blue Link ERP

Since 1971, the DEA has required pharmaceutical “registrants” to monitor sales orders and inform their DEA Field Division Office of any suspicious orders of controlled substances. The criteria for a suspicious order is any order that is of unusual siz[...]
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Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Requisitions in Blue Link ERP

Purchase orders and the purchasing process is a key component of any wholesale distribution business. Where a sales order is an order from your customer to buy goods from your company, a purchase order is a request from your company to purchase products f[...]
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The Surprising Truth About Custom Software

Your business’ USP or Unique Selling Proposition is a unique aspect of your business that provides you with a competitive advantage. This could refer to a feature of your product, service aspect of your business or a specific process that allows you to [...]
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