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Samantha Hornby is the sales and marketing manager at Blue Link Associates. When not working she can be found playing soccer, exploring the great outdoors and listening to music.

Everything You Need to Know About Cycle Counts

If you’re a company that buys and sells inventory, you need to perform inventory counts to track and record all products within your warehouse and available for sale. Manually counting all inventory in your warehouse verifies the number of inventory ite[...]
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DEA Suspicious Order Monitoring with Blue Link ERP

Since 1971, the DEA has required pharmaceutical “registrants” to monitor sales orders and inform their DEA Field Division Office of any suspicious orders of controlled substances. The criteria for a suspicious order is any order that is of unusual siz[...]
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Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Requisitions in Blue Link ERP

Purchase orders and the purchasing process is a key component of any wholesale distribution business. Where a sales order is an order from your customer to buy goods from your company, a purchase order is a request from your company to purchase products f[...]
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The Surprising Truth About Custom Software

Your business’ USP or Unique Selling Proposition is a unique aspect of your business that provides you with a competitive advantage. This could refer to a feature of your product, service aspect of your business or a specific process that allows you to [...]
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How the MVP Methodology Allows Your Business to Quickly React to Change

There has never been a greater example of the importance of being able to adjust, change and adapt quickly than the disruptions caused by COVID-19. In a matter of days and weeks, businesses were forced to send employees home to work remotely, close their [...]
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How to Track Sales Prospects with Contact Management Software

Contact management software as the name suggests, allows you to manage your business contacts – customers, suppliers, partners and prospects. Many software systems, such as the accounting system QuickBooks, will include built-in tools for managing your [...]
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Tips for Working from Home with Cloud-based Software

As we continue to monitor COVID-19, it is more important than ever for people who can work from home to do so. Thankfully, due to cloud-based software solutions, video conferencing apps, and other pieces of software and technology, more and more businesse[...]
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ERP Software Implementation: A Cost Breakdown

ERP software varies significantly from introductory inventory or accounting software (such as QuickBooks) in that it provides functionality across all business operations. This includes inventory management, accounting, order entry and processing, warehou[...]
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Want an Easy Way to Build Customer Trust? Data Integrity Can Help.

Want to know an easy way to build customer trust? Data integrity. Having easy access to reliable, accurate data has huge implications for the success of your company and for building trust among your customers. Not only do customers want to know that you[...]
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3 Ways to Get Immediate ROI from Warehouse Inventory Software

Purchasing warehouse inventory software to manage your wholesale distribution business requires a large investment of time, resources and money. Therefore, the sooner you start to see a return on your investment the better. Thankfully, if you’re moving [...]
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