The Scary Truth about Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

As the industry moves to accept more and more types of payments – online, instore, mobile, or via wearable device – the risk of data theft and credit card fraud inevitably increases too. Even with provisions in place such as chip protection and two-factor authentication, fraudsters are still able to compromise credit cards at an … Read more

Protect Your Business with an IT Security Plan

Value Added Systems - Data Protection

A guest post from Dave Locke of Value Added Systems – a leading edge provider of comprehensive IT Services, from systems design to implementation and management IT security is often one of the most overlooked parts of managing your business and can be one of the least understood. This is especially true for small organizations without … Read more

How to Protect Your Business from Email Phishing Scams [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email Phishing Scams 2019

[Click to view full infographic] Have you recently been contacted as the recipient of an unknown inheritance worth millions of dollars? Has a beautiful woman messaged you because she is interested in building a relationship? Has the Amazon order you forgot you placed finally shipped? Did you forget to pay an old invoice? Do you … Read more

Why Data Center Features are Important When Searching for Wholesale ERP Software

Blue Link Data Center Tier 3 Standards

“What are your data center features?” Surprisingly, this type of question rarely gets asked of our Sales Team by those looking for new Wholesale ERP Software. I say surprisingly because the data center is one of the most critical parts of a business’ success, and its efficacy and security directly impacts the daily operations of your business … Read more

How to Keep Your Data Safe from a Ransomware Attack

Protect Your Business from RansomWare

For as long as there has been the internet, there has also been malicious content and cybercriminals trying to steal sensitive information from people and organizations. And although there are measures you can implement to protect yourself against these types of attacks, it does not mean that they will stop, or that cybercriminals won’t continue … Read more

Improve Data Security with Blue Link’s Electronic Document Management

Improve Data Security with Blue Link Electronic Document Management

With the recent Equifax breach splashed across headlines, many businesses are starting to evaluate the security of their own company information. When we see such news, most usually think that cyber hackers are the cause and frequently they are, however, data exposure and data loss also happens due to poor employee practices or unauthorized access to company … Read more

How Secure is Your Wholesale Inventory Software?

Software and Data Security

If you’re in the wholesale business, it’s not ghosts and ghouls that are spooking you this Halloween but something much more frightening — unsecure wholesale inventory software. From confidential customer and employee information to real-time inventory data, orders, accounting and banking information— your entire warehouse and business operations data lives in your software. So, it’s … Read more

Still Don’t Trust the Cloud?

Trust Cloud Software

When searching for enterprise business software, one choice to make is whether to implement an on-premises solution or cloud-based software/hosted solution.  Certain vendors may only offer one implementation option which can help narrow down your search if you have a preference. If you don’t have a preference though, there are certain factors that help make … Read more

SaaS and On-Premises Software Disaster Recovery Plan

SaaS and On-Premises Software Disaster Recovery


You can’t predict when your offices will experience an event such as a power failure or a bigger disaster, such as flooding, however you can protect it to minimize the damages that can occur as a result of such a situation.

Many companies rely on their Accounting ERP software on a daily basis for managing their business, and any time without access to it can result in loss of sales, loss of income and loss of ongoing business.  Having a disaster recovery plan (which does not have to be complex or costly) can mitigate the damages caused by downtime.  Yet many small to mid size businesses do not have such a plan in place.

While a full blown plan should start with a risk assessment, followed by complete documentation of procedures and steps to follow, the key components of a basic plan include immediate backup power, data backups and facilities from which to access the data.

Immediate Backup Power

It is critical that servers hosting key data, a workstation and a printer all have an un-interruptable power supply (UPS).  In the case of a power failure, depending on the power of the UPS this should give a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes of time to save documents, complete transactions which are in the middle of being processed, download any spreadsheets or other documents onto portable storage and print any key documents which will be needed.  If using a laptop, as long as the batteries are charged this acts as a built in UPS.

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