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Demonstrating the Value of Enterprise Software to Employees

Inherent in its name, Enterprise Software is a platform that will affect all aspects of a business. If you decide your company needs a fully integrated solution, the software selected will undoubtedly impact the sales, accounting, warehouse and operations[...]

Why Accounting ERP Software Training is so Important

There is a reason that training is one of the most costly aspects of software implementations, namely that it’s also one of the most important aspects.  When upgrading to a sophisticated accounting ERP system from introductory software such as [...]
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Factors to Consider When Upgrading Software: Employee Skill Set

Introductory software systems, such as QuickBooks, are great tools for small and start-up businesses.    They require minimal training and set-up, are intuitive and easy to use and come with a relatively low price tag.  However, as your business grow[...]

How Your Entire Company Can Benefit from Accounting and Inventory Software

True accounting and inventory software is designed to manage all aspects of a company’s operations and should provide benefits to employees in every department. Frequently described using the term “ERP” or “Enterprise Resource Plannin[...]

Are Unconscious Biases Preventing Your Company from Making the Right Decisions?

Every day people make decisions; some are very simple and therefore unconsciously made, and some involve a lengthy process of evaluating and comparing options before making a choice.  Whether making a simple decision or a complex one, we are not as rati[...]

Comparing Purchasing Software vs. Hiring an Employee

We’ve previously discussed the importance of planning ahead for company growth, in order to achieve your strategic goals. When any business experiences growth, individual employee workload typically also increases. With wholesale and distribution [...]
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Getting Employees Onboard for Software Change

One of the hardest barriers to overcome when making organizational changes (such as implementing a new inventory and accounting system) is getting employees on board with the changes.  Although resistance from employees is a natural reaction, there are[...]

Let’s Lose the Manager

Less people = more productivity: let’s get rid of redundant management… Scott is the controller at a food ingredients importer and distributor using my employer’s inventory management software. The company also engages in food prod[...]
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