4 ERP Software Features to Help Cover Employee Vacations this Summer

How Automation and Software Can Help Cover Employee Vacations

Ahhh the beginning of summer…longer days, warm weather, no school, sunshine and of course, summer holidays. For many companies, with the advent of summer, comes an influx of employee vacation requests. Although this is to be expected, it can still cause stress as you try to cover holidays, train employees on managing different responsibilities, or … Read more

Using Behavioural Science to Influence Employee Change

implement change using nudges

We would all like to believe that the decisions we make as consumers and in a business setting are rational and predictable. However, as we’ve learnt over the years and thanks to research performed by behavioural economists, the reality is that when people make decisions quickly and under pressure, they do so based largely on … Read more

The Importance of Evaluating the People Behind ERP Software [Meet the Blue Link Team]

Meet the Blue Link ERP Software Team

Investing in new ERP software and the plethora of make-it or break-it decisions that come with the search process is a huge undertaking for any wholesale distribution business, regardless of size or budget. With so much time and resources dedicated to the project, you want to ensure that the ERP software vendor you choose will be with your business … Read more

The Role of High Emotional Intelligence in Software Implementations

High Emotional Intelligence

Psychologists have long been preaching the importance of high emotional intelligence in great leaders. These soft traits are frequently overlooked compared to the more traditional traits associated with quality leaders – such as intelligence, toughness, determination and vision. However, some researchers such as David McClelland, argue that emotional intelligence is more important than analytical skills … Read more

3 Tips for Accounting ERP Training Success

Software Training Tips

It’s been a couple of months since you first began the search for new accounting ERP software and you’ve finally settled on a solution.  After weeks of in-depth discussions with vendors, internal meetings to review requirements and processes, several live product demos and finally a review of vendor proposals, the hard part is over. But … Read more

4 Ways You’re Killing Your Employee’s Productivity

Increase Employee Productivity

On any given workday, there are multiple factors that can kill the productivity of your employees. These include factors relating to available resources, physical and emotional well-being, external factors such as traffic and weather conditions, and the activities of other employees. Proper on-the-job training and clear processes can help new employees become productive sooner, however, … Read more

3 Steps to Building a Successful ERP Software Training Plan

Successful ERP Software Training

Guest Post by Lauren Stafford Companies often make the mistake of neglecting training to cut costs or to speed up the process of implementing new software. The importance of training shouldn’t be overlooked.  Investing time and resources in training is necessary from the outset to save money in the longer term. You should also include … Read more

When to Involve Decision Makers in your Software Search

Involve Decision Makers in Your Software Search

Searching for new inventory and accounting software to manage your business is a cumbersome task involving a lot of time, money and mental resources.  Between initial discovery calls with potential vendors, to more in-depth discussions, to multiple demonstrations, the search process can quickly become overwhelming for employees. This increases with the number of vendors you … Read more

Does ERP software play a role in boosting employee engagement?

employee engagement

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve your profitability. Providing additional services, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs all take the lead when it comes to strategic business planning. But have you considered the state of your employees? How committed are they to company objectives? Do they … Read more

3 Types of People that Impede Accounting ERP Software Training

Accounting ERP Training Personality Types

Software training is one of the most important aspects of the accounting ERP implementation process and is also one of the most costly and resource-intensive. This is especially true for businesses that transition from introductory software such as QuickBooks, or manual processes, as there is a significant learning curve when it comes to using true … Read more