3 Tips for Accounting ERP Training Success

Software Training Tips

It’s been a couple of months since you first began the search for new accounting ERP software and you’ve finally settled on a solution.  After weeks of in-depth discussions with vendors, internal meetings to review requirements and processes, several live product demos and finally a review of vendor proposals, the hard part is over. But … Read more

3 Steps to Building a Successful ERP Software Training Plan

Successful ERP Software Training

Guest Post by Lauren Stafford Companies often make the mistake of neglecting training to cut costs or to speed up the process of implementing new software. The importance of training shouldn’t be overlooked.  Investing time and resources in training is necessary from the outset to save money in the longer term. You should also include … Read more

3 Types of People that Impede Accounting ERP Software Training

Accounting ERP Training Personality Types

Software training is one of the most important aspects of the accounting ERP implementation process and is also one of the most costly and resource-intensive. This is especially true for businesses that transition from introductory software such as QuickBooks, or manual processes, as there is a significant learning curve when it comes to using true … Read more

3 Common Employee Complaints During ERP Training

ERP Training Classroom

Implementing ERP software into your business is an impressive milestone that highlights the fact that a business is experiencing favorable growth and is primed for future success. If only all your employees felt this way. No matter how helpful you deem ERP software to be, there will always be hesitation among employees and an unwillingness … Read more

Why Accounting ERP Software Training is so Important

software training session

There is a reason that training is one of the most costly aspects of software implementations – namely that it’s also one of the most important aspects.  When upgrading to a sophisticated accounting ERP system from introductory software such as QuickBooks, there will be a significant learning curve.  This is not to say that such … Read more

The Logic behind ERP Software Implementation Timeframes

software implementation timeframe

As a general rule, there are differences in software implementation time-frames, dependent on the tier or type of software being implemented. When it comes to inventory and accounting ERP software, Tier 1 or Introductory Systems (such as QuickBooks), usually take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to get set up; Tier … Read more

ERP Implementation Guide: Cost Considerations

ERP Implementation Guide

You’ve begun evaluating ERP software vendors, and have a couple different proposals in front of you, with pen in hand to sign one along the dotted line.  Each proposal clearly outlines your business processes and requirements, the components you will be receiving, a final quote and payment options and the implementation.  But wait – what … Read more

The hidden ERP Software problem


Up next in the series on problems with ERP software: the problem that you don’t know about. I’ve read various studies that suggest the average company uses between 40% and 60% of the relevant functionality of their ERP software – “relevant functionality” being the functionality that, if used, would provide measurable benefits to the company. My … Read more