How Blue Link ERP Performs Data Migrations

Blue Link's Data Migration Process

Data migration is an integral part of any ERP software upgrade. Whether you’re moving from introductory software like QuickBooks, or legacy ERP, it is important that any significant existing data is properly imported into your new solution. This service is typically included as part of the software implementation process; however, it can vary significantly in … Read more

Do You Need to Migrate All that Data?

Minimize amount of data migration

Data migration is just one part of the entire ERP implementation process, but tends to represent the largest percentage of implementation costs aside from employee training.  Data migration involves mapping information from old software to new, according to labels, titles and structures, and includes additional “massaging” or “cleaning up” to ensure bad data is not … Read more

Who’s Migrating Your ERP Data?

Data Migration

Guest post by Darren Myher, VP of Blue Link Associates Limited I was reading your previous blog post on data migration, and it struck me that what we at Blue Link do with respect to data migration is pretty special. I’m often shocked to discover that many ERP companies, including supposedly bigger systems, actually require end users … Read more

ERP Implementation Guide: Cost Considerations

ERP Implementation Guide

You’ve begun evaluating ERP software vendors, and have a couple different proposals in front of you, with pen in hand to sign one along the dotted line.  Each proposal clearly outlines your business processes and requirements, the components you will be receiving, a final quote and payment options and the implementation.  But wait – what … Read more

Apples to Oranges: Data Migration and Inventory Accounting ERP Software


It is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as you select a new Inventory Management / Accounting / ERP software system: how best to migrate the data from your existing system. You can read about some best practices on ERP data migration here, but what makes your decision even more difficult is that, … Read more

What Does ERP Software Implementation Include?

When a business tales the step up from an entry-level accounting system like QuickBooks, into a more robust and scalable ERP Software system, proper software implementation is key to successful deployment. So what does “implementation” include? For the small / medium-sized business, there are four distinct facets to an implementation, and ignoring or short-cutting any … Read more