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The Cost of Poor Inventory Management – Product Returns

As a wholesaler and distributor, the inventory you sell flows through a vast network of businesses before getting to your warehouse and ultimately your customer.  The movement of inventory is a constant activity that requires input from multiple sources [...]
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Your Old Inventory Software Could Be Costing You Money

When it comes to replacing old/legacy inventory software, many businesses abandon the search due to the fear and anxiety associated with making such a big business change and capital investment. While the adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” m[...]
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7 Ways to Save Costs When Replacing QuickBooks

The acquisition of new software is a huge undertaking, especially when you replace QuickBooks or other introductory software for a Tier 2 or ERP solution. However, as a business grows there will come a time when this transition is necessary as existing sy[...]
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Hosted and On-Premises Software: Total Cost of Ownership

When your business decides to purchase inventory and accounting ERP software, the great debate remains: should you implement a hosted solution or on-premises?  For smaller organizations, the answer is obvious – when you compare the total cost of owner[...]
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6 Costly Software Selection Mistakes

For many wholesale and distribution companies, replacing internal inventory and accounting ERP software is like going to the dentist; necessary, but potentially painful. Even for those businesses who consider the software purchase as a strategic investmen[...]
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“I can’t afford wholesale inventory software, it costs too much”

With any major purchasing decision, budget is an important factor. When it comes to purchasing wholesale inventory software, sticker shock is common for those moving off of introductory systems or manual processes.  However, as with any capital expenditure[...]
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Comparing Purchasing Software vs. Hiring an Employee

We’ve previously discussed the importance of planning ahead in order to achieve your strategic goals. While company growth is exciting, it often means that current processes and strategies need to be updated. For example, how are you currently managing [...]
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Cloud vs. On-Premises Cost Comparison

There are several aspects to consider when choosing to implement a fully integrated inventory and accounting (ERP) system – one of them being whether or not to implement the software via the cloud or as an on-premises solution. The term “cloud[...]
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ERP Implementation Guide: Cost Considerations

You’ve begun evaluating ERP software vendors, and have a couple different proposals in front of you, with pen in hand to sign one along the dotted line.  Each proposal clearly outlines your business processes and requirements, the components you wi[...]
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How Inventory Management Software Leads to Speedier, Cheaper Shipping

Many companies are paying way too much for shipping and wasting valuable resources in the process as well. A robust inventory management software system can help to resolve this problem by ensuring cheaper, faster shipping in the future. Here [...]
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